Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Journal - May

On reflection, May was a good month. It certainly wasn't without it's challenges, but it brought some truly beautiful moments. 

The month kicked off with an event that I'd been working on. I had the chance to celebrate the incredible potential of Nottingham's children in a big way with some of the loveliest and most talented people that I have ever come across. I could not have been more 'in my element'. I then took on a big challenge at work which turned out to be pretty enjoyable and through it some hidden passions and abilities were brought to the surface. I got baptised. I had a week off. I visited my childhood home with my younger brother. 

You can imagine the disappointment then, when I realised that there was nothing in my journal. I want this book to be both creative and heartfelt. May could almost have been defined by both of those words, yet there was no record of it. As I thought about how I may be able to represent the whole month in one page, I quickly decided that the lack of entries was a positive thing. The pages were empty because there were so many other opportunities for me to practice creativity. The pages were empty because my heart was full. 

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