Sunday, 1 December 2013


It's here at last, December 1st. 
I have been looking forward to this day because now it's officially acceptable to feel Christmassy. These last few weeks I have found that I have been increasingly excited about the approaching festive season, I'm not quite sure what's happened to me, I'm like a small child.

Today I have been wearing this jumper because it's got 'Christmas' written on it. Like I say, super excited. 

I think December is my favourite time of year. I love finding gifts for those who are important to me and wrapping them up neatly. What's particularly exciting this year is that I get to decorate my own home for the season. 

I expect there should be a few blog posts coming up this month, as I'm likely to be surrounding myself with pretty items that I can't resist sharing with you. 

I'm starting to think about my list of goals for 2013 and the new ones that I'll make for the coming year. Usually I find myself thinking that the year has gone by quickly and not much has changed, but 2013 has been an eventful one. There's been some tough decisions, but on reflection I have grown a lot and it could even have been the best yet. Surely it can only get better now that it's Decemeber? 'Tis the season to be jolly after all.

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  1. I must be your opposite, because I delay feeling Christmassy until int's already December the 24th :)))
    But I do loooove your Tshirt and I hope to see the tree up in your home and full of decoration!


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