Friday, 27 September 2013

Ellespiration #4

Though I still read ELLE every month, it has been over a year since I wrote my last 'Ellespiration' post. I have got nearly a month behind with reading the issues, probably because of how much I've been reading blogs. The November issue will be out soon and I have only just begun reading the October one! Here's a look at what inspired me in the September issue.

I love these classic and feminine French style looks with a moody edge. Effortless and ladylike cool. Like an artist's muse. Basically, I want to be her. 

With its hair and make up reminiscent of The Wedding Singer and heaps of attitude, this shoot makes me want to go hunting down my inner rebel inside a vintage shop. 

I have been coveting the oversized boyfriend-fit wool coat for years now. As androgyny is a big theme for A/W 2013 there are just too many styles to choose from. 

I love the way that this photo makes a casual boyish sweater feel very feminine using classic jewellery and polished nails. 

As usual, I'm also inspired by the adverts too.

This Saint Laurent advert encompasses the way I would love to look every day if I could. 

Ever since the advert that changed my mind about D&G I have loved almost every campaign. This is a picture of perfect elegance. 

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