Thursday, 5 September 2013

August: Photo a Day

Here's a round-up of my August photo-a-day challenge results! I found this much easier and more enjoyable than the 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge. That is largely down to the fact that none of the photos had to be of myself, so I wasn't thrown out of my comfort zone quite as much. It was still challenging to remember and find time every day, but I loved the treasure-hunt element that the prompts bring. I used the Fat Mum Slim prompt list, there is a new one every month and I recommend giving it a try. 

1. Something beginning with N
A magnetic Cath Kidson notepad that my friend bought for my birthday. 

2. Incomplete
My bathroom decor (so far).

3. Skyline 
I was unable to catch one on the 3rd, but here's one I snapped later in the month. 

4. Fresh
Basil. Smells and tastes amazing. 

5. Early 
When the light peers through the blinds but you aren't ready to let it in. 

6. This means a lot to me
I only had a few years with one of my Grandads. This key ring is very special to me because it used to belong to him and it has a photo of a young me inside it. 

7. A sign

8. Peek-a-Boo

9. 2 o'clock
Walking Milo. 

10. Beverage 
Sometimes this is exactly what I need. Often, in fact. 

11. I love doing this!
Eating Almonds! I've actually become pretty hooked on them. 

12. Macro

13. Fast
Nothing is as fast as time sometimes. 

14. Trash

15. The best
...things in life are free.

16. Cooking
Making a sandwich was the closest I came on the 16th.

17. Exercise 

18. Someone you spoke to today

19. Lost

20. Stairs
Quickly snapped post-rehearsal.

21. Slow
An outfit for a slow day.

22. A room
Post cake party.

23. Yellow

24. In the background
On the 24th I was at a hen party, the bride is in the background. 

25. Culture
Window gardens along the Thames on the Southbank.

26. Entrance 

27. 10 minutes from home
My parents live about 10 minutes away from my house, I called over for a few hours and made a crumble with the blackberries from their garden. It was delicious. 

28. Corridor 
Taken after my first ever attempt at acting for audio. I hope it turns out sounding OK! 

29. Lucky
Photos from Glastonbury Festival 2005. Our party were very lucky that this flooding didn't travel another few metres. 

30. Cluttered

31. Dangerous
If you follow the blog, you may have noticed I love Wigan Athletic. I loved even more knowing they beat the local team last weekend! I'm looking forward to travelling up to Wigan this weekend to see family. 

August was a pretty relaxing month for me, I hope you found some moments to cherish too.

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  1. Number 8 I should sue for theft of likeness!

    Number 21 is an awesome outfit! And that's a slow day?!

    I love this idea Katie, it's great how quick snaps can say more than a full on photoshoot!


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