Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mug Tree Jewellery Stand

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This project was very quick, very easy and cost me just 99p. I have a few hooks still to put on the wall which I am going to use for hanging my necklaces, and I wanted a new way to store my bracelets too. I was interested in being able to see all the items I have at once so that I don't forget about some pieces. I wanted to be able to easily access the bracelets on a stand like one on a shop counter, a mug tree shaped stand I thought to myself. Of course! Why not just decorate a mug tree? 

I looked for a mug tree that didn't have a varnished surface and purchased this one for 99p in a charity shop. I painted it with some leftover matt emulsion that I had bought for my old bedroom and am very pleased with how it turned out! I used the opportunity to clear out some of my jewellery and arranged the majority of bracelets that remained onto it. 

It's currently my favourite item in the bedroom. Now I'm wondering whether to paint the bottom of my other jewellery stand to match? 

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