Thursday, 15 August 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 29

Only one more left to do! You may remember I forgot back at Day 4 so today would have been the last day but instead it's tomorrow. Congratulations to anyone who may be reading that has completed the challenge today! 

Mug Tree Jewellery Stand

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This project was very quick, very easy and cost me just 99p. I have a few hooks still to put on the wall which I am going to use for hanging my necklaces, and I wanted a new way to store my bracelets too. I was interested in being able to see all the items I have at once so that I don't forget about some pieces. I wanted to be able to easily access the bracelets on a stand like one on a shop counter, a mug tree shaped stand I thought to myself. Of course! Why not just decorate a mug tree? 

I looked for a mug tree that didn't have a varnished surface and purchased this one for 99p in a charity shop. I painted it with some leftover matt emulsion that I had bought for my old bedroom and am very pleased with how it turned out! I used the opportunity to clear out some of my jewellery and arranged the majority of bracelets that remained onto it. 

It's currently my favourite item in the bedroom. Now I'm wondering whether to paint the bottom of my other jewellery stand to match? 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Sunday, 11 August 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 25

If you still hadn't taken your daily self-portrait and you saw a ball with a face on it, you'd have done the same, right? 

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 24

A stamp for gig-entrance. Is a question mark really a question mark without the dot? 

Friday, 9 August 2013

How to Make Your Own Ampersand

This post was shared at The Shabby Nest for Frugal Friday and at Craftberry bush for The Inspiration Gallery. 

Hello! I'm just about managing to keep up with these photo challenges, but it's good to get back to writing a different kind of post again. I recently made an ampersand for a friend's wedding photographs, and I thought I'd put together a little how to guide for you!

I hope you like this little guide. I've also been retweeting some if my favourite #ampersand crafts and links over on Twitter. Why not check them out and let me know your thoughts? @KatiesCreative 

Have a fantastic weekend.

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30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 23

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 20

This is technically a self-portrait, right? Well my thumbs in it so I'd say that counts. So 20 days done and 10 to go. If  I'm honest, I actually don't know how I am going to do another 10 of these and am terrified that each one will be more boring than the last! But for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to also do another photo challenge too! If you follow me on Twitter you have probably caught on to the fact that I am doing the August photo a day challenge ran by Fat Mum Slim (#fmsphotoaday) - I'll post them all together at the end of the month but if you want to see them daily make sure to follow me! @katiescreative 

Monday, 5 August 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 19

I started doing a bit of overdue cleaning today, more to do tomorrow. 

Thursday, 1 August 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 15

I'm glad to be past the half way mark, this is proving very challenging! 

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 14

Today's self-portrait photo looks literally at my hands. Through that it also touches on how craft, creativity and the people in my life are an important part of myself. 

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