Saturday, 13 July 2013

Saturday's shopping

Today is soaked in sun. After a tiring week I've enjoyed a slow start to the day, eventually leaving the house at around 1.30pm to have a walk in the sun and a browse around the charity shops. I wasn't out long before I got too hot and came home, but it was long enough to pick up some great finds!

I spotted this Delia Smith cookbook last weekend but had no cash on me to buy it. A woman in the shop had seen me looking at it and said 'that's a really good cookbook' so when I saw it was still there today I snapped it up (£1.50).

Do you remember my homemade fish and chips from Jamie Oliver's recipe? It's one of many tasty and accessible dishes in his book 'Jamie's Dinners' which I've been looking out for - I was very happy to spot it this afternoon for just £2.25! 

Growing up my interest in good food has often come from my dad. His favourite chef is Keith Floyd and 'A Feast of Floyd' one of his most treasured cookbooks. I enjoy watching Floyd on television, and jumped at the chance to get this book for just 99p! 

I finally have a teapot for my new flat - this cute one with strawberries would be perfect beside jam and cream scones on a summer afternoon (£2.50).

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  1. Gah I love the tea pot! We should go charity shop shopping! I actually popped into one whilst in Arnold today but it was too hot to shop! Haha x


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