Tuesday, 16 July 2013

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge: Day 1

Well, I am still yet to tick 'Do at least one blog challenge' off my list of goals for 2013. I've not really come across any at all, until today. Emma and Elsie at A Beautiful Mess have initiated a self-portrait challenge. I'm going to let you into a secret; I would absolutely love to do outfit posts but I am terrified that they will make me look stupid. I mean, there's not really anything particularly special about me or my outfits. Plus, I don't have a fancy camera.

But a 'self-portrait' theme is a bit more flexible and I'm going to push myself. I'm going to rise to the challenge. Am I afraid that I will fill my blog with photos that will later make me cringe? Absolutely. Am I afraid that I will forget to take a photo or upload it to the blog on some days? For definite. But I'm going to try. I need to complete a blog challenge. I need to blog more frequently. I need to try to overcome my fear of having photos of myself on my blog.  

So here's the photo for day 1. Me posing awkwardly. The beginning of a journey. 

Oh my, am I really about to click 'Publish'?

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