Sunday, 30 June 2013

New In

Here are some of the latest additions to my wardrobe that are putting a smile on my face;

Suede and leather shoes - £19, Clarks clearance store.

I adore these shoes! They are so incredibly soft and a unique summery hue. There were two other pairs in the shop that I liked as well, but only these ones which fit.

Bangle - £12, Argento. Second bracelet -  price unknown, Argento.

These two bracelets are birthday gifts from my friend Nicola. The bangle I picked out myself as I have wanted one for a while, the second bracelet combines my love of soft hues and of dainty rose gold jewellery.

Hen party goodie bag.

Yesterday I had a great time at a friend's hen party. I had a facial for the first time and it was lovely. We had afternoon tea with scones and wrestled in sumo suits. I also drove a Land Rover blindfolded, and now I'm convinced that they are amazing vehicles and want one of my own! The maid of honour put together adorable handmade gift bags for all the guests with a little jar of sweets and some girlie goodies. 

Black ballet pumps - £7.99, H&M.

I have had a pair of these before and they lasted a good amount of time, I have been in need of a new pair for about a fortnight since the last ones developed a whole in the sole! I'd also been on the lookout for some nude flats, and found these in the sale; 

Nude flats - £7 (reduced from £9.99), H&M.

Dress - £7 (reduced from £14.99), H&M.

This dress is simple and light enough for hot weather, I can't wait to start styling it! 

Limited Collection lipstick in Rose - £3 (reduced from £5), M&S.

This looks a lot more red in the picture, but it's actually a bright pink. Years ago my auntie bought me a pink lipstick which was a lovely hue, I've been on the hunt for something similar like this at a reasonable price for a while. The heart shape is cute too. 

Vintage Dungarees - £16, Wild Clothing (Nottingham).

Remember I my 90's fashion post I mentioned I was still undecided about whether to buy some dungarees? Well today I did. 

I hope you're all having as enjoyable and sunny a weekend as I am.

All photos personal. 

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