Thursday, 27 June 2013

Better off on Bloglovin

Need I even mention that Google reader won't be available after July 1st? Unless this is literally the only blog that you read, you surely know already. If you need to look for an alternative way to follow blogs, I simply cannot recommend Bloglovin enough. 

Now I know this may sound a little over dramatic, but if you really like following blogs THIS WILL SERIOUSLY IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. 

Honestly, It's true.
It's especially true if, like me, your use of the internet is majorly dependant on your mobile phone. I have found it difficult to access the Internet on my computer in the last year, and so do all my blog reading (and most of the writing) on my phone. The Blogger app is very good for writing blogs, but you can't follow blogs using it, so I made the switch to Bloglovin long ago. 

It is so incredibly easy to use the app, and visually appealing too. To be honest, even when I was using a computer I preferred using Bloglovin because of the layout and general aesthetic. 

So before we go, there's 3 points I want you to bear in mind.

1. Just use Bloglovin. Seriously, you're a fool if you don't. 

2. Follow me. I don't want to sound like a loser, but though my following is small, it does mean a lot. Your comments in particular really do. If you do enjoy reading my blog or some of my posts, please do stick with me when Google reader goes. I haven't been the most regular poster, but I am improving! It's so easy to follow me in Bloglovin and/or Twitter.

3. If you have your own blog, and it isn't currently on Bloglovin, get it on there. There have been several times that I have tried to follow a blog which I like on Bloglovin and it just simply isn't there. Please do feel free to leave me a link here, or on Twitter once you have done this so that I can take a look (or if you know that I follow you on Google reader and want to remind me). 

Katie's Creative on Bloglovin;

With love,

Photos: My iPhone screenshots.

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  1. I'm totally with you - I finally switched all my blogs that I follow over to Bloglovin and I am loving it! I love that you can organize them by category, too!! Have a great weekend, hun!!
    Much love,


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