Saturday, 15 June 2013

A guide to 90s fashion

On Thursday I turned 25. So this seems like the perfect time to talk to you about the return of 1990s trends. It was bound to happen sometime soon, of course it was. There are 90s nightclubs now, 90s weekends at holiday parks and TV programmes about re-uniting pop stars of the era. For the first time, what's coming back into fashion is a decade that I saw the entirety of first hand.

We saw the 80s trend become big few years ago now, so it was always a likelihood that the 1990s would be regurgitated onto the catwalk. I use the word regurgitated because I remember the clothes of the 1990s to be so terrible that I almost thought it might be cut out of the revolving fashion wheel.

This is how I remember '90s sportswear'.  Yes, the 1990s was above all else about sportswear, but it was nothing like this season's catwalk. Baggy oversized tracksuits, that's what we really wore. In bright colours, and our trousers with zips or 'poppers' down the outside leg. 

Looking back in 2013, this picture has favoured me (middle) most - but make no mistake it was Kelly (right) who'd give us outfit envy. THE KAPPA TRACKSUIT. It was my most coveted look for all of the 1990s. When my auntie brought one back from America for me it brightened my world. I mean, Abs from 5ive (only a true fan writes it like that ;) ) wore them!

The one fashionable thing I had in the 90s which no other child around me did was short hair. In 2013 short hair is increasingly popular for women, perhaps making it key time to bring back the 90s. I believe this is one of the few things about 90s fashion that can be celebrated. Unfortunately, do this to a young girl who does not wear make up and it just makes her look like a boy. Never mind, Mum. You tried. 

I went for the short hair again when I was a little older. The clothing still oversized, and lots of Denim. Double denim. HUGE in the 1990s. But then, when is denim ever out of fashion? (Answer: never)

The fleece body warmer? Oh yes, it featured highly. The less said about that, the better. 

What works;

Short hair
Denim (of course)

What doesn't; 

Kappa tracksuits
Zips and poppers on trousers 
Bum bags (or Fanny packs as they're known in the states)
Very baggy sports shirts 
Fleece body-warmers 

What might;

Dungarees - Whether I give it a go this summer is yet to be decided. 

Have a fabulous Saturday.  I'm looking forward to a meal with friends this evening in order to celebrate the fact that I'm old enough to have this much to say about the 1990s. 

Katie x

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