Sunday, 30 June 2013

New In

Here are some of the latest additions to my wardrobe that are putting a smile on my face;

Suede and leather shoes - £19, Clarks clearance store.

I adore these shoes! They are so incredibly soft and a unique summery hue. There were two other pairs in the shop that I liked as well, but only these ones which fit.

Bangle - £12, Argento. Second bracelet -  price unknown, Argento.

These two bracelets are birthday gifts from my friend Nicola. The bangle I picked out myself as I have wanted one for a while, the second bracelet combines my love of soft hues and of dainty rose gold jewellery.

Hen party goodie bag.

Yesterday I had a great time at a friend's hen party. I had a facial for the first time and it was lovely. We had afternoon tea with scones and wrestled in sumo suits. I also drove a Land Rover blindfolded, and now I'm convinced that they are amazing vehicles and want one of my own! The maid of honour put together adorable handmade gift bags for all the guests with a little jar of sweets and some girlie goodies. 

Black ballet pumps - £7.99, H&M.

I have had a pair of these before and they lasted a good amount of time, I have been in need of a new pair for about a fortnight since the last ones developed a whole in the sole! I'd also been on the lookout for some nude flats, and found these in the sale; 

Nude flats - £7 (reduced from £9.99), H&M.

Dress - £7 (reduced from £14.99), H&M.

This dress is simple and light enough for hot weather, I can't wait to start styling it! 

Limited Collection lipstick in Rose - £3 (reduced from £5), M&S.

This looks a lot more red in the picture, but it's actually a bright pink. Years ago my auntie bought me a pink lipstick which was a lovely hue, I've been on the hunt for something similar like this at a reasonable price for a while. The heart shape is cute too. 

Vintage Dungarees - £16, Wild Clothing (Nottingham).

Remember I my 90's fashion post I mentioned I was still undecided about whether to buy some dungarees? Well today I did. 

I hope you're all having as enjoyable and sunny a weekend as I am.

All photos personal. 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Better off on Bloglovin

Need I even mention that Google reader won't be available after July 1st? Unless this is literally the only blog that you read, you surely know already. If you need to look for an alternative way to follow blogs, I simply cannot recommend Bloglovin enough. 

Now I know this may sound a little over dramatic, but if you really like following blogs THIS WILL SERIOUSLY IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE. 

Honestly, It's true.
It's especially true if, like me, your use of the internet is majorly dependant on your mobile phone. I have found it difficult to access the Internet on my computer in the last year, and so do all my blog reading (and most of the writing) on my phone. The Blogger app is very good for writing blogs, but you can't follow blogs using it, so I made the switch to Bloglovin long ago. 

It is so incredibly easy to use the app, and visually appealing too. To be honest, even when I was using a computer I preferred using Bloglovin because of the layout and general aesthetic. 

So before we go, there's 3 points I want you to bear in mind.

1. Just use Bloglovin. Seriously, you're a fool if you don't. 

2. Follow me. I don't want to sound like a loser, but though my following is small, it does mean a lot. Your comments in particular really do. If you do enjoy reading my blog or some of my posts, please do stick with me when Google reader goes. I haven't been the most regular poster, but I am improving! It's so easy to follow me in Bloglovin and/or Twitter.

3. If you have your own blog, and it isn't currently on Bloglovin, get it on there. There have been several times that I have tried to follow a blog which I like on Bloglovin and it just simply isn't there. Please do feel free to leave me a link here, or on Twitter once you have done this so that I can take a look (or if you know that I follow you on Google reader and want to remind me). 

Katie's Creative on Bloglovin;

With love,

Photos: My iPhone screenshots.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sherwood Art Week

On my way to Nottingham city centre Saturday afternoon, I stopped off at Sherwood to catch a glimpse of what's going on during Sherwood Art Week. 

Over the last few years Sherwood has begun to gather a reputation for attracting the crafty and thrifty. On Saturday it was thriving; wrapped in wool and with the work of local artists in every shop window. 

I was pleased to see The Crimson Tree and Homemade Cafe full of customers. Sherwood Art Week continues until next Saturday. I'm currently on my way to one of the many workshops being held during the week.

All photos personal.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I absolutely love Jenni and her fiancé's request that those invited to their wedding R.S.V.P via postcard. It reminds me of the PO Box competitions for children's TV programmes of my youth. This is in fact a competition itself, promising a prize for the most creative postcard.

Here's my cheeky reply.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

I'm on Twitter!

I'm now on Twitter! Come along and join me to keep up to date with posts but also general comments / musings. I will be tweeting about the things that inspire me and links to posts from other bloggers or articles which I've enjoyed reading. Send your messages to @KatiesCreative to let me know what you think and share your own favourite posts and inspirations with me.

Remember, you can also follow me on Bloglovin and on Pinterest!

Much love,

Katie x

Saturday, 15 June 2013

A guide to 90s fashion

On Thursday I turned 25. So this seems like the perfect time to talk to you about the return of 1990s trends. It was bound to happen sometime soon, of course it was. There are 90s nightclubs now, 90s weekends at holiday parks and TV programmes about re-uniting pop stars of the era. For the first time, what's coming back into fashion is a decade that I saw the entirety of first hand.

We saw the 80s trend become big few years ago now, so it was always a likelihood that the 1990s would be regurgitated onto the catwalk. I use the word regurgitated because I remember the clothes of the 1990s to be so terrible that I almost thought it might be cut out of the revolving fashion wheel.

This is how I remember '90s sportswear'.  Yes, the 1990s was above all else about sportswear, but it was nothing like this season's catwalk. Baggy oversized tracksuits, that's what we really wore. In bright colours, and our trousers with zips or 'poppers' down the outside leg. 

Looking back in 2013, this picture has favoured me (middle) most - but make no mistake it was Kelly (right) who'd give us outfit envy. THE KAPPA TRACKSUIT. It was my most coveted look for all of the 1990s. When my auntie brought one back from America for me it brightened my world. I mean, Abs from 5ive (only a true fan writes it like that ;) ) wore them!

The one fashionable thing I had in the 90s which no other child around me did was short hair. In 2013 short hair is increasingly popular for women, perhaps making it key time to bring back the 90s. I believe this is one of the few things about 90s fashion that can be celebrated. Unfortunately, do this to a young girl who does not wear make up and it just makes her look like a boy. Never mind, Mum. You tried. 

I went for the short hair again when I was a little older. The clothing still oversized, and lots of Denim. Double denim. HUGE in the 1990s. But then, when is denim ever out of fashion? (Answer: never)

The fleece body warmer? Oh yes, it featured highly. The less said about that, the better. 

What works;

Short hair
Denim (of course)

What doesn't; 

Kappa tracksuits
Zips and poppers on trousers 
Bum bags (or Fanny packs as they're known in the states)
Very baggy sports shirts 
Fleece body-warmers 

What might;

Dungarees - Whether I give it a go this summer is yet to be decided. 

Have a fabulous Saturday.  I'm looking forward to a meal with friends this evening in order to celebrate the fact that I'm old enough to have this much to say about the 1990s. 

Katie x

Saturday, 8 June 2013

The little things...

Breakfast with blogs on a slow Saturday morning. 

Last night's homemade fish and chips using Jamie Oliver's perfect recipe which tastes just like the real deal (I think I need to invest in a deep fat fryer so it isn't so messy!). 

Getting my latest ELLE edition.

Lunching with my mum at adorable cafe The Crimson Tree in Sherwood, Nottingham.

Lots of charity shop finds! 

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Katie x

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Degree Shows @ Nottingham Trent University

Last Saturday I went to check out the work of this year's graduates from the impressive range of Art and Design courses at Nottingham Trent University. There are shows open for both private and public view in June each year, with so much to see. It's no wonder the university has such a good reputation for design, and having been to these shows before I was keen to go along again.

There were so many beautiful printed fabrics and patterned wallpapers.

The Theatre Design course at Nottingham Trent nurtures a wealth of talent and produces a fantastic display of work every year. This exhibition is my personal favourite to go and visit (I didn't take any photographs of the set designs but they were good too).

Of the fashion collections there were three that particularly stood out to me because of classic staple peices with smart tailoring, and timelessness. Their shapes reminiscent of those seen at Chloe and Jil Sander. 

Zhou Zixi

Francesca by designer Poppy Jane Milnes (

PAE by Toni Macfarlane (

I also totally want this blazer;

Once again I came away with a bag full of business cards and exhibition booklets.

The public view is until 8th June, so if you're in Nottingham you've still got 2 days to take a look.

Katie x

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