Monday, 13 May 2013

The Perfect Match

Technical problems are once again restricting the frequency of my blogging, and so is my extreme lack of energy lately. I've been feeling ill too. 

Here is an outfit similar to that which I wore on Saturday, incorporating a Wigan Athletic FC shirt from the 90's which I have had since childhood and just about fits. 

I want blog about fashion or craft in-keeping with the usual themes of this little blog. But on the other hand I just want to post about how my wonderful football team Wigan Athletic won the FA cup on Saturday. How I was there watching with my dad at Wembley stadium. How we conquered a team whose average player is paid more than our entire team put together. I want to tell you that we proved everybody wrong, that it was an incredible moment, that I am so proud of my team and hometown.

Personal photo: Dad and I travelling to the game.

A large percentage of people reading this   won't even live in the UK and will probably know nothing of Wigan Athletic Football club. But know this; the giants don't always win, and the things that everyone says are impossible can happen. While I hope that Wigan can pull of another win tomorrow night to avoid relegation, I also hope that you will all be inspired by that fact. However unappreciated or undervalued you may feel, your passions and talents will one day be recognised. 

Photos from The FA Cup Facebook page.

I'm glad that Saturday allowed for the strong ability of these men to finally be celebrated.


Katie x

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