Friday, 31 May 2013

Homemade Charm

Hello again,

Earlier this week I went to search the charity shops in Sherwood, Nottingham for items to add to my lovely little flat (which I still feel incredibly blessed to have). I ran for the bus and so in a last minute panic bought a single journey when I meant to buy an all day ticket. I found nothing in the shops. It rained. Basically, I felt a little sorry for myself. I was also hungry. 

Then I had a look around a quaint shop called 'A Room Full of Butterflies' which sells the work of local artists. At the back of the shop was an adorable looking cafe.

This cafe is called 'Homemade'. There is actually one in Nottingham city centre which I have often glanced at but never been inside, and this is a new addition. The homemade cakes look incredible. 

I couldn't resist treating myself to lunch. After all, I'm off work this week so I'm on holiday, right? You can treat yourself when you're on holiday. And in my book if you haven't found anything to buy when shopping that makes it OK to get yourself a nice lunch or coffee and cake.

I had a Chicken, pesto, sunblush tomatoes and leaves ciabatta. It was delicious. I'm pretty sure they used fresh / homemade pesto as it tasted fantastic. I could taste a good olive oil on the ciabatta too. Beautiful.

I love the dotty table cloths, the cutlery displayed in golden syrup tins and the overall decor of the space. Even the soft sound of the rain outside hitting the roof was pleasant. 

I would certainly recommend this place and take my friends there. 

Later on, I found the perfect piece of furniture for my bathroom. I know, there goes my excuse for buying myself lunch! But it was well worth it.

Katie x

All photos taken by myself from my iPhone whilst sat at my table. 

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