Friday, 31 May 2013

Homemade Charm

Hello again,

Earlier this week I went to search the charity shops in Sherwood, Nottingham for items to add to my lovely little flat (which I still feel incredibly blessed to have). I ran for the bus and so in a last minute panic bought a single journey when I meant to buy an all day ticket. I found nothing in the shops. It rained. Basically, I felt a little sorry for myself. I was also hungry. 

Then I had a look around a quaint shop called 'A Room Full of Butterflies' which sells the work of local artists. At the back of the shop was an adorable looking cafe.

This cafe is called 'Homemade'. There is actually one in Nottingham city centre which I have often glanced at but never been inside, and this is a new addition. The homemade cakes look incredible. 

I couldn't resist treating myself to lunch. After all, I'm off work this week so I'm on holiday, right? You can treat yourself when you're on holiday. And in my book if you haven't found anything to buy when shopping that makes it OK to get yourself a nice lunch or coffee and cake.

I had a Chicken, pesto, sunblush tomatoes and leaves ciabatta. It was delicious. I'm pretty sure they used fresh / homemade pesto as it tasted fantastic. I could taste a good olive oil on the ciabatta too. Beautiful.

I love the dotty table cloths, the cutlery displayed in golden syrup tins and the overall decor of the space. Even the soft sound of the rain outside hitting the roof was pleasant. 

I would certainly recommend this place and take my friends there. 

Later on, I found the perfect piece of furniture for my bathroom. I know, there goes my excuse for buying myself lunch! But it was well worth it.

Katie x

All photos taken by myself from my iPhone whilst sat at my table. 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Ooh La La!

Today I am having one of my favourite lunches to make myself - the ham and cheese croissant. 

Many people speak highly of the ham and cheese toastie. It's quite nice, but I could happily go the rest of my life without eating one. Swap the bread for a croissant however and you've got yourself a very different dish. The croissant brings with it much more flavour, the buttery sweetness really adds something to the plate. 

Maybe it's because I secretly wish I was French, but there's something about the incredibly easy to put together ham and cheese croissant that's luxurious. Perhaps this is why I only make it for myself on days off or weekends. I guess maybe it's because I always spent my holidays in France as a child and whenever we had croissants at my parent's house it was a Saturday morning treat. Until recent years I had never had a savoury croissant, but once I tried this one out I knew it would be one I'd enjoy again and again. 

Next week I won't be at work, and so this is a very special and relaxing kind of weekend for me. I'm stocked up on croissants for the next few days. 

I hope you're enjoying your weekend, whatever you are up to.

Katie x

P.S. I used the new A Beautiful Mess app to create the image for this post. 

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Vintage Vogue

Today I want to share with you two fantastic coffee table books that I have, both called 'In Vogue'. Both of these would have been expensive to buy new but were picked up in a charity shop. I have found many great craft, fashion and cooking books in charity shops. 

The first 'In Vogue' (left) is an edition from the mid-late 1970s to mark 60 years of Vogue. Put together by Georgina Howell, it tells the story of Vogue magazine from 1916 to 1975 with many fabulous photographs. The second (right) published by Rizzoli international by Norberto Angeletti and Alberto Olivia is much more recent. It begins even earlier and finishes 3 decades later than the other book, with even better pictures in vibrant colour. With an original RRP of $75.00-100.00 and in very good condition this was a fantastic charity shop find. The other is priced at £12, which would have been considerably more than £12 is now back in the 1970s.

How gorgeous are those photos? 

Both books look at how fashion changes over the decades, but also at how fashion photography and journalism has progressed. 

One old and one new, both are visually stunning and informative. The forward in the 1970s book aptly describes its as "a kind of time machine". 

And for all you fellow bloggers, here's an example of early 'Street Style'.

So when you're looking for fashion inspiration, don't discount your local charity shops. You might just find yourself a perfect coffee table picture book. 

I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Katie x

Monday, 13 May 2013

The Perfect Match

Technical problems are once again restricting the frequency of my blogging, and so is my extreme lack of energy lately. I've been feeling ill too. 

Here is an outfit similar to that which I wore on Saturday, incorporating a Wigan Athletic FC shirt from the 90's which I have had since childhood and just about fits. 

I want blog about fashion or craft in-keeping with the usual themes of this little blog. But on the other hand I just want to post about how my wonderful football team Wigan Athletic won the FA cup on Saturday. How I was there watching with my dad at Wembley stadium. How we conquered a team whose average player is paid more than our entire team put together. I want to tell you that we proved everybody wrong, that it was an incredible moment, that I am so proud of my team and hometown.

Personal photo: Dad and I travelling to the game.

A large percentage of people reading this   won't even live in the UK and will probably know nothing of Wigan Athletic Football club. But know this; the giants don't always win, and the things that everyone says are impossible can happen. While I hope that Wigan can pull of another win tomorrow night to avoid relegation, I also hope that you will all be inspired by that fact. However unappreciated or undervalued you may feel, your passions and talents will one day be recognised. 

Photos from The FA Cup Facebook page.

I'm glad that Saturday allowed for the strong ability of these men to finally be celebrated.


Katie x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The little things... Cake Thursday

Today's 'The little things' is a weekly occurrence. I am pleased that my colleagues are as interested in food as I am; because of this we have built cake into our weekly schedule. Thursday is the perfect day for this, the half way mark has passed but it's still not Friday, and we have a meeting. It's a well known fact that cake makes for a better meeting. 

Having the delight of guaranteed cake every Thursday helps you find the energy to get through the last bit of the week. As there are competitive souls amongst the team, the results can be quite impressive. Looking forward to the cake-fest that tomorrow brings, here are some pictures of last week's beauties. 

Have a good Thursday.
Katie x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bedroom Moodboard

Bedroom Moodboard

Bedroom Moodboard by katie311 on Polyvore

Whilst I am keen to embrace modernity, bright and dark colours and industrial touches in the living room area, I want my bedroom to be full of soft white and pastel tones. This room needs to be comfortable, relaxing and most of all pretty. I want it to be a celebration of beauty and femininity. I want it to both inspire and comfort me. I'm aiming to create an elegant space that will make me feel beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished!

Katie x

In Plaid

Over the years I have seen many good plaid shirt looks, and over the last few years I have particularly admired flannel ones. They are great for men, and any man can wear one. Pair it with some slim fitting chinos and brogues boys and you're sorted. For women it's a little more difficult to pull off. That's coming from someone who is a big fan of incorporating menswear into their own wardrobe; the tailoring is generally better and I love combining a feminine garment with a masculine one.

A woman in a plaid shirt has for me always been associated with 'rock chick' looks (that's such a cheesy term!). I did own a plaid cotton shirt which I tried to style in this way but it was too big for me and a little too masculine, it never quite worked for me.

There were smarter, lighter cotton shirts around, but most of them looked really cheap. The pattern, colour and material makes a huge difference. For years I never saw one that I thought would look good on me.

I'd written off the idea of a plaid shirt being seen on me again.

But a few months ago Garance Dore posted about plaid shirts. The image on that post is one of beautiful shirts piled up like cozy blankets, looking modern and not at all 'rock chick'.

I began to consider them again and noticed them when shopping. Still, they were always too large, too manly, or not the right pattern. If I was going to do this, I needed a pattern I could fall in love with.

Last weekend I found the one.

Browsing the market in Camden I spotted a rail outside a stall holding a little row of plaid flannel shirts reminiscent of Garance's picture. So many gorgeous patterns, and one that stood out to me the most.

I tried it on and the fit was perfect. £18. Levi's. Perhaps these sleeves are rolled up for a reason I thought, there had to be a catch. But rolling them down I found no faults and the sleeve buttons hadn't fallen off. Plus, it took comfort to a whole new level.

I'm in love, and unbelievably comfortable.

Thank you Garance.
Thank you Camden.
Thank you Levi's.

Katie x

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