Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In Plaid

Over the years I have seen many good plaid shirt looks, and over the last few years I have particularly admired flannel ones. They are great for men, and any man can wear one. Pair it with some slim fitting chinos and brogues boys and you're sorted. For women it's a little more difficult to pull off. That's coming from someone who is a big fan of incorporating menswear into their own wardrobe; the tailoring is generally better and I love combining a feminine garment with a masculine one.

A woman in a plaid shirt has for me always been associated with 'rock chick' looks (that's such a cheesy term!). I did own a plaid cotton shirt which I tried to style in this way but it was too big for me and a little too masculine, it never quite worked for me.

There were smarter, lighter cotton shirts around, but most of them looked really cheap. The pattern, colour and material makes a huge difference. For years I never saw one that I thought would look good on me.

I'd written off the idea of a plaid shirt being seen on me again.

But a few months ago Garance Dore posted about plaid shirts. The image on that post is one of beautiful shirts piled up like cozy blankets, looking modern and not at all 'rock chick'.

I began to consider them again and noticed them when shopping. Still, they were always too large, too manly, or not the right pattern. If I was going to do this, I needed a pattern I could fall in love with.

Last weekend I found the one.

Browsing the market in Camden I spotted a rail outside a stall holding a little row of plaid flannel shirts reminiscent of Garance's picture. So many gorgeous patterns, and one that stood out to me the most.

I tried it on and the fit was perfect. £18. Levi's. Perhaps these sleeves are rolled up for a reason I thought, there had to be a catch. But rolling them down I found no faults and the sleeve buttons hadn't fallen off. Plus, it took comfort to a whole new level.

I'm in love, and unbelievably comfortable.

Thank you Garance.
Thank you Camden.
Thank you Levi's.

Katie x

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