Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Building a nest

As the sun begins to show and the birdsong grows louder, my own little nest is also coming to life. Followers will know that I have recently moved in to my own place. Oh how lovely it is to have such quiet and so much space to myself! Even though I have very little budget, I'm really enjoying starting to make this place my own. Here are a few images of the very early stages in this exciting process...

One of the very first things I put into the flat was my little collection of cookbooks. I had had these in my bedroom where I lived before and was keen to put them on display in my own kitchen. It's a shame that some of them are too big to stand horizontally on those shelves!

Uncle Joe's mint balls can only be found in certain shops, and are rarely sold in their traditional tin packaging outside of Wigan. Wigan is my hometown and still home to the only factory which makes Uncle Joe's. This is one of two tins that I own which I have used as a home for mismatched utensils in my new kitchen.

I am making good use of the cardboard box that my toaster came in by using it as a temporary side table for my coffee cups!

A picture given to me by my friend Kerstin's adorable little daughter Abi attached to the fridge with an Alton Towers souvenir magnet.

A cute tea towel that was given to me as a housewarming present.

I hope you have enjoyed having a peak at my home in progress - there are far more exciting things to come! This space is changing every day.

Katie x


  1. A cook book collection sounds lovely.... good luck putting it all together!

  2. eek, must be so much fun doing up your own flat! :)


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