Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Living room moodboard

When I first found out that I had secured my flat, my head became flooded with thoughts about decorating. Looking at the theme I currently had in my old bedroom and the cushions that I had collected, I had a little vision in my head of a grey or mocha coloured two piece sofa and an armchair that would go with them. I saw just that in the window of my local Oxfam homeware a few days afterwards.

Initially I was certain that I would want all my furniture to be white, but then I saw lots of beautiful pictures of colourful painted furniture and fell for a few darker items of furniture.

A piece of typography and the lovely colour of a shoebox have led me to feel that I would like accents of green in the room. There is plenty more to do, and I've the added challenge of needing to store some of the things which wont fit in my small kitchen within the living room, but the main factors I have mind are;

• Dark (and painted) furniture.
• Printables with inspiring words on them in green / black frames.
• A large colourful peice of art.
• One or two plants.
• Industrial, vintage and european influences.

Here is a simple moodboard that I made in attempt to bring all those ideas together in one image.

I hope you're all having a good week.

Katie x

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