Thursday, 31 January 2013

That special feeling

Photo by Victoria Adamson from this page.

Doesn't the above photograph really capture that feeling of being totally comfortable in your outfit? Those moments when the clothes look and feel just how you wanted to. When you walk down the street, face beaming, thinking 'man, I feel good today'. Often it is outfits that are simple and casual, yet perfectly matched and well-tailored which provoke such a response for me. Or when it's that newly bought item that you can't get enough of. Oh, I want more of those days!

There is no way on earth that this girl is not smiling. She knows that her perfectly tailored trench is made by Burberry, the king of all trenches, and not only that but it's got to be super comfy. 

This is just one in a series of beautiful photographs of what the ELLE UK team wear to work - Read it here. 

Katie x


  1. Beautiful photo, I can't wait for the winter to be over, so I can wear my trench coat to work, too!

  2. The photo totally captures an emotion - so beautiful!
    Much love,


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