Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pin Love

I can't believe that I am yet to mention on this blog my love of Pinterest.
I eventually got an account after all the hype, and I liked it. I liked it because essentially it's all about looking at lots and lots of pretty pictures and being able to see them all at once on a 'board'. I also loved the fresh, white, modernistic layout - like Bloglovin. However, I hardly ever bothered to go out of my way to look at the website. My Pinterest was vacant. Board-less. Boring.

But then I got an Iphone. I downloaded the Pinterest app, and everything changed. I browse the beautiful pictures daily and add to my boards of inspiration. I'm forever longing for my own place as I add to my 'Home decor' and 'Dream home' boards - I cannot wait to decorate a space of my own.

I have a board of 'inspiring quotes' so that there is forever motivation in my pocket. I have a board for ideas that I could use at work. My favourite board of all - Fashion. Any time I can't think what to wear, I can just pick up my phone and look at the fabulous pictures for instant inspiration. I LOVE IT!!


I almost wish that I could actually have all these images on my walls.
Hmm, Pinterest wallpaper....

Katie x


  1. Beautiful boards! I'd sure love a Pinterest wallpaper in the bedroom... or in the dressing room, if I had one :))

  2. It is so addictive - and also so theraputic. There is something about getting lost in beautiful images that I love!
    Much love,


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