Sunday, 6 January 2013


Sorry dear followers, if you're still with me, for yet another period of blog neglect. To be honest, I am a little reluctant to share with you my list of goals for the new year. Mostly because posting it increases the pressure of following it through! There is also a fear of writing a post that is reminiscent of old MySpace questionnaires which I will look back at and cringe. But those are not good thoughts, right? That is not the attitude with which to start a new year, right? A 'can do' attitude please Katie! So here we go, *deep breath* goals for 2013.

• Be creative and artistic - I really must try to stop neglecting the artist in me because I get tired an start making good use of my free time. Picasso said "All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up", and that is so true. I need to stop thinking about creative things that I could do, and start doing them. I need to enjoy the creative process, rather than fear a poor outcome. Though it's a little vague, this is my number one goal for the year.

• Move out - I desperately want my own place. Budget is restricting me and that's very frustrating, but I am determined that this will be the year.

• Do at least one blog challenge - A more specific goal for following the 'be creative' idea. I love the fact that they could encourage me to blog more / better. Though I'm not sure where to find them - so if you spot any good ones, let me know!

• Make or customise at least one garment or accessory - Again, a more specific one for being creative. This is a big challenge for me!

• Be punctual - Perhaps an even bigger challenge, and the one I am most likely not to succeed with. But I'm back to work tomorrow, and would like to start being a little early a lot more often rather than just on time. Mostly because this would mean strolling up the hill to work rather than rushing, and not being quite so knackered before I've started!

• Plan outfits in advance - To save time in the morning, help make the above target more possible and have less poor outfit days.

• Make friend dates - Not just with current friends, but to push myself to set up 'dates' with those people I feel could become good friends.

• Harden up - Though I'm pleased that my sensitivity makes nice gestures and time with friends more meaningful, sometimes I really do need to get a grip, stop over thinking and toughen up.

• Have proper me time - I'm too often guilty of spending time doing nothing but actually not really relaxing. I need intentionally make 'me time' and pamper myself a little.

To help me with all of the above, I'm going to try to have in my mind constantly the quote which has resonated with me the most in 2012. I think I need to see this great quote in beautiful typography every day.....

Wishing you all a very happy and fulfilling new year.

Katie x

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  1. These are great goals!

    xo Jennifer


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