Saturday, 1 September 2012

Ellespiration #3

Here are some of the pages from the September ELLE which are inspiring me the most. 

I absolutely adore this outfit. How can such a heavily embellished look have such a relaxed, casual feel? This page made me excited about the new season. The items have a hefty price tag, but I will surely be looking out for ways to re-create this on the high street. 

This Diesel advert shows how to smarten up a pair of jeans perfectly. Its simple, it's classic, it's chic, it's tailored; it's everything I love in fashion. I don't think I'll be wearing the tie myself, but I'm certainly on the look out for the perfect white shirt and black belt to wear with jeans and a black jacket. 

I fall in love with the old english heritage aesthetic in the Autumn/Winter season every year, though I am still yet to invest in the classic heritage jacket. Perhaps this will be the year. I love ELLE's suggestion of pairing with a tailored shirt and jeans.

I'm not quite sure why I like this ad. I don't think I would ever wear that huge stripy jumper or those glasses, but there's just something about this picture. I think perhaps its the warm glow, or the calm quiet confidence of the woman in a very bold yet very comfortable looking outfit. It was a bit of an "I'll have what she's having" moment for me. 

I don't think this look is very "me", though having a cheeky flick through my ELLE (yes hunny, I did just publish that on the internet, sorry) my boyfriend said "I'll bet you like that picture, don't you?". How does he know? It seems to me that this is far from my style, but there is something about the picture that I really connect with. Do you ever get that feeling?

This last one captures the main thing that I will miss about summer, thin baggy tees and lots of dainty bohemian accessories. 

But still, I look forward to the new season, which I guess with it being the 1st September officially start's today. Looking at my favourite pages of ELLE, I think I'm going to get some wear out of my jeans this time around. Statement jumpers, crisp shirts and timeless tailored jackets are on the wish list.

What's you inspiration for the new season? Are you excited?



  1. Katie, those pics are fabulous! I was blown away by the furry striped sweater against the yellow chair backdrop, it's a wonderful composition :)

  2. PS: Please come over to my blog, I've got a surprise for you :)

  3. love coco!


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