Sunday, 19 August 2012

Wedding Fascinator (Up-cycled)

On Friday afternoon my cousin David married the love of his life. He and Nicola have been together for almost a decade. Nicola has been present at many Christmas and Birthday family gatherings and was already  much a part of the family, but on Friday it was made official. I was so excited to be there for their special day. 

I bought quite a simple dress, with the intention of finding a hat or headpiece which would bring it to life in a charity shop (hat's are too expensive to buy new considering how much you will wear them). After having no luck with hats, I eventually picked up a disgruntled old fascinator for £3 in a bridal charity shop and headed to hobby-craft. I had taken the dress out shopping so I was able to pick faux flowers which matched the colours of my dress. The total cost of flowers was around £8, and I have lots of them left to use for other projects.

First I removed the dirty flowers and hand washed the hat to get rid of some marks and bring out the white. Then I focused on reshaping the netting which was all over the place when I had bought it. I spent much time pinning and trying the fascinator on until it was the right shape and then used white cotton thread to sew it in place. Teasing the netting into a bun shape at the back formed a bed to rest the flowers against.Several variations of flower arrangements later, I settled on a layout and fixed with clear adhesive. 

There was no fancy techniques used here, I just pinned and prodded until it looked right and then secured in place. I like working that way. My fascinator was unique and cost effective. When you can't quite find what you are after, or at least not within your budget, it can be worthwhile buying something that's a little past it, and bringing it back to life. 

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  1. I bought a fascinator just like that but it cost me much more, I love how you did a DIY for it its so pretty <3

    When you have time, come by my store at !

    Love your blog, xoxo PrismCouture

  2. So Pretty,
    I'm a new follower!



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