Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I picked up this little guy in Bilbao from a shop called Blanco. He was about £6 and I think he's lovely.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Make It You: Sporty

Make It You: Sporty

Make It You: Sporty by katie311 featuring a knit sweater

This is my entry for the Polyvore / Converse / Song of Style "Make it You: Sporty" competition.

When I thought about what Converse meant to me in fashion terms, my thought was this: Converse proves that fashion can be comfortable. So much of the time the message is portrayed that heels make an outfit, which is often true, but really frustrating for someone like me - because heels and my feet just don't get on. I wish they did, but heels are just so annoyingly painful! What's refreshing about Converse campaigns, is that they create great looks with FLAT SHOES! Something we don't see enough.

I am not naturally a very sporty person, so the sports clothes that I like are more on the preppy side. For example, you wouldn't catch me in jogging or dance gear, but I'd happily wear a Fred Perry polo shirt and tennis style skirt. That's why I chose the above campaign shots as my inspiration, especially the one on the left. 

I think a slouchy jumper and denim shorts work with a pair of Converse the best - a look surely just as classic and timeless as the little black dress. 

What inspired this Polyvore set the most was a retro feel. Not bold and patterned retro. Just the kind of look you see in an old photograph of an ordinary person in a simple casual outfit which probably wouldn't have looked very cool at the time, but has become cool over time - especially if it's in sepia or black and white.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ombre Knit

I love this jumper so much that I want to wear it every day!
I love the colours, the shape, and the buttoned up detail on the back. It's so fun to wear! I hope that August will be very summery because I am really getting into the pastel shades and brights of the season!

 Jumper: New Look sale, Necklace: Miss Selfridge sale, Friendship bracelet: Argento, Watch: DKNY.

I have recently returned from my holiday in Bilbao, N. Spain, which was beautiful, inspiring and lots of fun. I look forward to sharing some of my trip highlights with you.

With Love, Katie x
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