Thursday, 28 June 2012


In a few weeks my boyfriend and I will be holidaying in Bilbao, Spain.
I am excited as I have never been to Spain before.
I have been to France many times, Crete once, and visited several areas of England, but I am yet to experience Spain, Italy, Germany and the like.

I would love to see America some day, and more exotic further away locations. But whenever I think about holidays I can't help but think; why pay 4 times as much to go to those places when there seems to be so many beautiful countries within Europe that I am yet to experience?

I have just discovered a site which perfectly explains why I feel this way.

Perfection, right?
Katie xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Park Life

I really don't do exercise - I eat loads and get away with it, when I hit 30 I'll probably just burst and be gigantic. I'm told that's when it creeps up on you.

Despite having a park right at the end of my street; I don't walk my beautiful dog anwhere near enough as I should. I always feel so tired before and after work and am often away at weekends. He gets frisbee games (he LOVES frisbee) in the garden, but when I take him to the park we have such fun. Once I'm there I actually really enjoy the walking, with my little cutie by by side. I write this post on a bench between frisbee throws, and it's a good place to be. I love you baby Milo :)

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Ellespiration #2

Hello :)

I have had a lovely time in London with my boyfriend Andy from Friday to Sunday!
I forgot to take my camera so most of our photos are on Andy's Iphone ~ I will share a little about our trip once I get hold of them (because it wouldn't be the same without the photos, right?) What's even better is that here in Britain, because of the Jubilee Monday AND Tuesday are bank holidays! Yay!

A train journey to and from London gave me the perfect opportunity to have a good read of my latest ELLE. If you have been following this blog, you may remember my first Ellespiration post back in September which explains why I love ELLE magazine and has photos of my 'best bits' from the issue at the time - if not, you can view it here

Here's my inspiration from the July issue;

The candy coloured Prada bags do look stunning, though too expensive for me!
I love the light summery denim and those pastel blue sunglasses.
The subtle ombre nails are really cute too.

I keep seeing this ebay advert everywhere on bus stops and it encourages me to take the leap; print trousers would be really brave for me, but there are some really cool ones this season and I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair.  

There's just something about this shade of pink.

It's now lunchtime, so the Bank holiday laziness must stop - I must get properly dressed and make good use of my free afternoon! I may sneak in on the street party around the corner this afternoon; I have never been to one before but love the idea! I think rain showers are on the agenda though - oh dear!

Enjoy your day!

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