Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dance Love Sing Live: Nottingham Playhouse

Hello again :)
Sorry I haven't written a post in a short while - this time I have a good reason.

Have you seen my post about the Dance Love Sing Live frame that I made for my lovely friend  Elena, based on the name of one of her songs? - here
Well, Elena asked me to create a set design for her gig at Nottingham Playhouse which happened on Saturday, at which she was selling her newly made EP - Dance Love Sing Live.

Here are a few images of the set design and sketchbook images for a beautiful show which I was glad to be a part of.

The set would have been completely different had I never seen Elena perform her songs before. The whole feel of the set was designed around the feel of her gigs - emotional, intimate, heartfelt and romantic with themes of love, friendship and being broken but picking up the pieces and moving on.

A million pin pricks, many voicemail messages (Elena and I kept missing each others calls) and several hours of sleep depravation later, we had made it.

Elena, her sister Steph and the band put on a great show.
Please watch this video of 3 lovely people: Elena, Steph, and guitarist Ed (who also took the photos in this post - thanks) to see for yourself how good they are.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Even More Handmade Cards (#3)

Here are a few cards I have made over the last 6 months or so....

For other home-made card posts, see here and here.
Katie x

Feel-good swapping

A few weeks ago I went to my friend Lora's house for a clothes and accessories swap.
A while ago Lora had a jewelry swap which was very enjoyable, and ever since I had been thinking of organizing a swap of all accessories (shoes, bags etc in addition to jewelry) but kept putting it off. Then Lora invited me to one! 

I already had an 'accessories to swap / give away' bag from a clear-out that had just been sitting in my room for ages, and I went for a quick second round clear-out before the swap. I find that it always helps to go back a second time when clearing out to rid yourself of a few of those 'maybe i'll still wear it' pieces. I grabbed a few clothes which I knew also need to go. 

It was great fun. I got rid of loads of things and gained some freebies.
Its well worth getting involved in one. It's good to see that other people like the items you no longer want and they can have them for free, to give a new lease of life by wearing them in a fresh way that suits their own style. A much better fate than sitting in your own drawer never being worn, and taking up much needed space.  

With what was left over, Lora offered the chance for people to take back some of what they had brought, before bagging it all up to donate to a charity shop.

The photo shows the freebies that I came away with. The necklace is not really my thing, but I have been thinking of a red leather style bracelet for ages, and so I got it, removed the pendant and I wear it wrapped around my wrist. I have worn every single one of them on several occasions already - a great result! :)

With Love, 
Katie x

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