Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's the little luxuries in life...

This post was initially written on Friday 16th March, but it took many attempts to post from my Blackberry. I've still not quite grasped it, but am hoping to be able to blog on the go soon, so that there are not so many log gaps between posts.....

I'm on my regular 3 hour long train to see the boyfriend. As usual, it's totally overcrowded and has no form of refreshments available whatsoever. Today though, I will not have to endure this journey without coffee. That is because last weekend I bought this beautiful Thermos flask for £9.99.

It's practical. It will save me money. And with it's cute retro design it looks so pretty too! It's my new favourite thing, I love it.

This flask is going to change my life. guys know what I mean.

Have a fabulous weekend all of you, especially if you're a mum! x

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  1. cute thermos flask! :)

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  4. Amazing look and I like your blog. Follow you (on bloglovin and gfc) and hope you follow back :)


  5. Of course it is super cute.... red and pink isnt it? Love the idea that it saves money, a couple of starbucks and you can buy another flask.... ;-)


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