Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Growing on me...

What's been growing on me

What's been growing on me by katie311

Hi Guys,
Sorry for being a stranger, again!

Here are a few fashion items that have grown on me lately.

The Half-full Silver Pandora Bracelet
When I first discovered Pandora I held the view for quite a while that the leather plaited bracelet were much nicer than the metal ones. Despite only owning one, I don't think there are any leather Pandora bracelets that I do not like. What I like about the leather ones is that they look nice even without charms. The silver bracelet however, needs the charms.
I used to think that it needed to be full of charms to look the part.
That this was the only way. A bit like UGGs with bare legs and tan or white clothes (if you don't get that, see my first ever blog post).
I didn't buy a silver bracelet because I knew I would never want to spend enough on charms to fill it.
But since, I have seen a lot of Pandora covered wrists, and I've changed my mind. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a silver bracelet to put my 5 charms on.

My first thought was that TOMs were a silly fad in which totally overpriced, wafer thin and surely easily destructible pumps could be sold in their billions, just because they had a label on them. 
Throw them all in a big bin, next to the UGG boots.
But then I discovered that for every pair bought, a pair is given to a child in Africa.
Suddenly the price felt justified, my idea of a cold-hearted greedy brand fizzled out and I started to like them. I'm thinking of a pair in one of this seasons pastel shades, or stripes.

Quilted Jackets
These are everywhere at the moment! 
At first I just could not get it. It's the kind of coat that kids wear to school.
As in, when I was at school, before kids got all cool and fashionable.
Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger and the like showed how it should be done in their campaigns, those looks I did like. The equestrian look. The British Heritage look.
But people are wearing them just with jeans or leggings, as though the Jacket is a statement piece.
I'm still not totally sold on this one.
 I just know that my reactions to them are becoming increasingly positive. 

Bold Statement Trousers and Leggings
I'm psyching myself up to go for it this season. 
There is a great choice of coloured jeans at the moment and I need to buy at least one.
I don't think I'll go quite as far as tribal, but I'm determined to brave bolder bottoms.  

How about you?
Do you know whether you'll like a trend right away, or do you change your mind?
What's been growing on you?



  1. I thought the same thing about TOMs too until I also found that out recently!!

  2. I love the bold trousers! I've got a huge collection of leggings in 23 different colors myself :))) Thank you for commenting on my fake wallpaper, I'm glad you liked the pattern. PS: I'm following back on GFC :)


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