Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Week in Outfits

A few weeks ago (yes, I am so slow at getting around to posting, I'm working on that), I challenged myself to do a whole week of outfit photos for a post. This is because I shy away from outfit posts. 
I have still kept my face out of it, mostly because I am always in a rush in the morning and for the best part of the last few weeks I have gone to work without any make up on. Either that, or I have just put a tiny bit of mascara and/or lipgloss on in the car. It's something else that I really need to work on. I found this made me think more about what I was wearing, which sometimes was a good thing, but also some days it made me panic about the prospect of posting an outfit I didn't feel was worthy. But I have posted them anyway.

It's highlighted two main issues;
1. I probably need to start planning outfits in advance. Outfit satisfaction occurs most at fortnightly weekends, when I am not in liverpool with a pre-packed pack and I have time to try on lots of different things. The looks I like get integrated into the weekdays. This also means that, after a small lie in, I use up the whole of sat and sun mornings when I am in Nottingham. 

2. I need to inject some colour into my wardrobe. 
I kind of knew this already. Blues, blacks, whites, browns, beiges and tans. There is practically nothing in my wardrobe that isn't one of these colours, or one pretty close to it. I need to liven things up a bit. 

I will point out though, that this last outfit is one of my favourites.
The dress is one of my most frequently worn items.
It isn't even one I would have picked up myself, a friend saw it when we were at Clothes Show Live and said she thought it would suit me. I wasn't sure, but tried it on, and I am so glad she pointed it out! Its floaty and feminine, with roses (which I love), but not immature, and my friend said it would suit me because I had an 'English Rose' look, which is an incredibly nice thing to say - for those reasons, I always feel good wearing it. 

I have had quite a pleasant weekend, I hope you all have too.
With love, Katie xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's the little luxuries in life...

This post was initially written on Friday 16th March, but it took many attempts to post from my Blackberry. I've still not quite grasped it, but am hoping to be able to blog on the go soon, so that there are not so many log gaps between posts.....

I'm on my regular 3 hour long train to see the boyfriend. As usual, it's totally overcrowded and has no form of refreshments available whatsoever. Today though, I will not have to endure this journey without coffee. That is because last weekend I bought this beautiful Thermos flask for £9.99.

It's practical. It will save me money. And with it's cute retro design it looks so pretty too! It's my new favourite thing, I love it.

This flask is going to change my life. guys know what I mean.

Have a fabulous weekend all of you, especially if you're a mum! x

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bring back the fashionable days of my youth

An old friend has tagged me in a photograph on Facebook. 
The above is a cropped version.

Who would have known that those leggings would be so in for Spring / Summer 2012?

If you have read my last post, Growing on me, then you will now that I am psyching myself up to wear bolder jeans / leggings this season.

It's a shame these leggings aren't still around about 15 years on, and in a much bigger size, I get the feeling they'd be just the ticket.

Katie x

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Growing on me...

What's been growing on me

What's been growing on me by katie311

Hi Guys,
Sorry for being a stranger, again!

Here are a few fashion items that have grown on me lately.

The Half-full Silver Pandora Bracelet
When I first discovered Pandora I held the view for quite a while that the leather plaited bracelet were much nicer than the metal ones. Despite only owning one, I don't think there are any leather Pandora bracelets that I do not like. What I like about the leather ones is that they look nice even without charms. The silver bracelet however, needs the charms.
I used to think that it needed to be full of charms to look the part.
That this was the only way. A bit like UGGs with bare legs and tan or white clothes (if you don't get that, see my first ever blog post).
I didn't buy a silver bracelet because I knew I would never want to spend enough on charms to fill it.
But since, I have seen a lot of Pandora covered wrists, and I've changed my mind. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a silver bracelet to put my 5 charms on.

My first thought was that TOMs were a silly fad in which totally overpriced, wafer thin and surely easily destructible pumps could be sold in their billions, just because they had a label on them. 
Throw them all in a big bin, next to the UGG boots.
But then I discovered that for every pair bought, a pair is given to a child in Africa.
Suddenly the price felt justified, my idea of a cold-hearted greedy brand fizzled out and I started to like them. I'm thinking of a pair in one of this seasons pastel shades, or stripes.

Quilted Jackets
These are everywhere at the moment! 
At first I just could not get it. It's the kind of coat that kids wear to school.
As in, when I was at school, before kids got all cool and fashionable.
Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hillfiger and the like showed how it should be done in their campaigns, those looks I did like. The equestrian look. The British Heritage look.
But people are wearing them just with jeans or leggings, as though the Jacket is a statement piece.
I'm still not totally sold on this one.
 I just know that my reactions to them are becoming increasingly positive. 

Bold Statement Trousers and Leggings
I'm psyching myself up to go for it this season. 
There is a great choice of coloured jeans at the moment and I need to buy at least one.
I don't think I'll go quite as far as tribal, but I'm determined to brave bolder bottoms.  

How about you?
Do you know whether you'll like a trend right away, or do you change your mind?
What's been growing on you?

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