Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dance Love Sing Live: Personalized Frame Gift

This is a little gift that I made two weeks ago for my friend Elena.
I had meant to make it for Christmas, but when I knew I wouldn't get chance to see her over the Christmas period, I decided I would just make sure I had it ready for whenever I saw her. 
I ended up doing it on the day I saw her. 

My inspiration was this...
Elena is a singer and an actress. She wrote a song called Dance, love, sing and live which was inspired by the poem which goes;

"Dance as though no one is watching you, Love as though you never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though heaven is on earth."

I bought a frame from a charity shop, used Word-Art to write the words and tweaked them until the looked how I had envisioned. I traced the lettering on the back and stuck the paper to a piece of mountboard and cut out the letters. 


I painted the frame red with acrylic paint; red is a colour that I associated with Elena, and she said that she loved the red so I was right to do so!

I arranged pieces of fabric and patterned paper behind the lettering and fixed these in place. 
Then I put it all back together again.

This cost me practically nothing other than time and thought. 
I think that formula can often make the best kind of presents. 

I hope you were all able to practice and enjoy a few of these four words yesterday, and that you will do for every other day of the year.

Love Katie x

P.S. You can find out more about Elena and her gigs, plus hear some of her songs at her website:

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  1. Such a cute idea...this looks great. Love the meaning behind it. Lovely blog, I'm following, hope you can stop by soon and follow if you like.

    xo erica

  2. What a sweet friend you are! It turned out cute! Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  3. This is an amazing idea. I might make some of these for Amelie's room x


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