Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wrap Happy

Once again, I am rather behind schedule.
Here, finally, are my photographs of my Christmas wrapping.
It's perhaps too late to even post them, but I love wrapping presents, and there is no other time of year where you get to do as much of it as Christmas.
Wrapping a present is like a quick mini craft project.
(Though I can spend an hour or more on one!)
Here goes...

I think perhaps this is my favourite because it's personalised.
I spotted some cute baubles in a charity shop with the twelve days of Christmas on them and illustrations, for 10p each. My best friend is a dancer and so I got the ladies dancing bauble.
I love this paper because it can work all year round and I have some leftover.
I used ribbon to hang the tag and bauble onto some white wool fringing and attached a peice the length of the front with double-sided sticky tape.

For most of my wrapping I went with red, gold and greens.
I bought the 'Christmas Wishes' tags for 80p in tesco along with 3 rolls of paper.
Those things and charity shop baubles were all I bought.
The tartan-esque paper above was leftover from the Christmas before, as was the ribbon.

I loved using the miniture baubles in my wrapping.
They went down well with the recipents too.

I made a couple of my own tags for some presents. I cut the rolled up thin cardboard tubing from inside wrapping paper rolls into luggage tab shapes and decorated them. Here I used a some of the earthy ribbon that Jenni sent me for Christmas.

Lastly, here's how the secret santa wrapping that I metioned in my wrapping inspiration post turned out.

I hope you like them.
Love from Katie x

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