Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Relief is...

 It was such a good feeling to see '100% completed' on my computer screen at lunchtime. 
No need to panic about not being able to find the right information or worry about getting a hefty fine.
Job done. Sorted.

In order to get here I had to sort through a big shoe box with 6 years worth of stuff in it. 
I had to chase up previous employers for missing information.
I had to sift through load of receipts. 

Next year it will not be this way. 
I am now determined to stay organized with regards to my self-employment.
Thank you, dear Tax return, for the motivation.
The future starts here...

With Love
Katie x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wrap Happy

Once again, I am rather behind schedule.
Here, finally, are my photographs of my Christmas wrapping.
It's perhaps too late to even post them, but I love wrapping presents, and there is no other time of year where you get to do as much of it as Christmas.
Wrapping a present is like a quick mini craft project.
(Though I can spend an hour or more on one!)
Here goes...

I think perhaps this is my favourite because it's personalised.
I spotted some cute baubles in a charity shop with the twelve days of Christmas on them and illustrations, for 10p each. My best friend is a dancer and so I got the ladies dancing bauble.
I love this paper because it can work all year round and I have some leftover.
I used ribbon to hang the tag and bauble onto some white wool fringing and attached a peice the length of the front with double-sided sticky tape.

For most of my wrapping I went with red, gold and greens.
I bought the 'Christmas Wishes' tags for 80p in tesco along with 3 rolls of paper.
Those things and charity shop baubles were all I bought.
The tartan-esque paper above was leftover from the Christmas before, as was the ribbon.

I loved using the miniture baubles in my wrapping.
They went down well with the recipents too.

I made a couple of my own tags for some presents. I cut the rolled up thin cardboard tubing from inside wrapping paper rolls into luggage tab shapes and decorated them. Here I used a some of the earthy ribbon that Jenni sent me for Christmas.

Lastly, here's how the secret santa wrapping that I metioned in my wrapping inspiration post turned out.

I hope you like them.
Love from Katie x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

OK, First off - sorry.
It has been almost a month since my last blog.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
How many of you are actually still reading I wonder, or have you given up?

I must get better at blogging frequently.

This is my belated Christmas post - which I did initially intend to post on Christmas eve. Oops.
Now for some Christmas time snaps....

A real tree.
We opened the box of Christmas decorations and EVERYTHING was silver.
It was so boring, there was no colour whatsoever.
I tied bright blue ribbon into little bows at random intervals along the silver beading to add some small bursts of colour and myself and my mum went to buy some decorations. Blue, to go with the silver and the ribbon.

Farthest from the lens; a bauble from my very first Christmas back in 1988.
Over the last few years it has become smashed on one side, but I just make sure that it goes near to the back and that the smashed side of it faces the wall.

A brown parcel arrived a few weeks ago.
I knew because if the Brighton postcode that it would probably be a gift from Jenni.
I am normally quite good at waiting to open presents. Perhaps it was the added excitement of having recieved something in the post, but I really wanted to open it.

I'm glad that I convinced myself I had to open it incase it was something I had ordered as a present to another person, because otherwise this delightful Christmas decoration may have had to wait until next year.
I say may, because there is a possiblitiy I would have put it up anyway just because it's so pretty.

Cute, right? Thanks Jenni :)

As I was feeling extra festive this year; I wore a winter patterned b&w jumper dress to a christmas party and bought some lovely yet reasonably priced christmas socks with reindeers on that I have been wearing to death. I also wore festive red, green and gold on Christmas day (See above. That's a vintage Richard Allen scarf, which makes it just about ok that it's a little too remisent of an old school uniform for comfort - a reason I rarely wear bottle green).
And added festive nails with red and glittery white tips to the mix.

I hope that everyone kind enough to be reading this has had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Look out for my Christmas wrapping results being posted soon.

With Love.
Katie x

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