Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pretty Florals or Black Basics?

I adore the patterns seen at the Victoria and Albert museum, aka. The V&A.
The shop is an attraction in itself.
It's a treasure trove for any lovers of art, craft, design or fashion.

About a week ago I discovered this....

Beautiful, isn't it?
Those were my first thoughts.
Ah, but I bet it'll be expensive.....
Only £12?
I have to have it!

But then another thought occurred to me.
Faced with the idea of an alternative case, I realized I actually quite like my plain Blackberry.
It's sensible, smart, professional.
It's 'Hey, I'm grown up now. I mean business'.
It's sort of chic. 
I could have had a pink or purple cover, but I chose black for a reason.

This isn't pink or purple though is it?
Its a work of art!

Still, I had my reservations so I held back.
Tonight, I went looking for it online.
Obviously, that means I really want it now.
But whilst I have a little time to reflect.....

What do you guys think?
Is black the best option because it screams young urban professional?
Or is it just boring because it's like everyone else's (can be confusing)?
Is the flowery cover too girly and therefore childish?
Or is it just stylish, individual and says a little something about my personal taste?



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