Thursday, 24 November 2011

Pretty Florals or Black Basics?

I adore the patterns seen at the Victoria and Albert museum, aka. The V&A.
The shop is an attraction in itself.
It's a treasure trove for any lovers of art, craft, design or fashion.

About a week ago I discovered this....

Beautiful, isn't it?
Those were my first thoughts.
Ah, but I bet it'll be expensive.....
Only £12?
I have to have it!

But then another thought occurred to me.
Faced with the idea of an alternative case, I realized I actually quite like my plain Blackberry.
It's sensible, smart, professional.
It's 'Hey, I'm grown up now. I mean business'.
It's sort of chic. 
I could have had a pink or purple cover, but I chose black for a reason.

This isn't pink or purple though is it?
Its a work of art!

Still, I had my reservations so I held back.
Tonight, I went looking for it online.
Obviously, that means I really want it now.
But whilst I have a little time to reflect.....

What do you guys think?
Is black the best option because it screams young urban professional?
Or is it just boring because it's like everyone else's (can be confusing)?
Is the flowery cover too girly and therefore childish?
Or is it just stylish, individual and says a little something about my personal taste?


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Animal Inspiration

I have a thick cotton, roll neck, long sleeved tan jumper sitting in my bedroom drawer.
I bought it with an idea in mind.
I'm yet to find the moment to actually make the idea happen.
But I've got some fabric.
I just need one more patterned piece in the right colours.

Hopefully I will get around to it soon, before the season is through!
For now, here is some of my inspiration.



Also, I'm starting to get pretty excited about Christmas now, are you?
Love, Katie x

Monday, 7 November 2011

So Exciting! + facts about me (not quite so exciting)...

So I am very excited because I have received these tags from B. in the know. We follow each other's blogs. Her blog is lovely - so sentimental and I don't know how she continues to consistently find such beautiful pictures. Take a look here

Anyway, this means I am supposed to share 10 facts about myself and then tag 10 bloggers that I like.
Here goes....

1. I don't post as often as I would like, partly because I spend so much time browsing through other blogs beforehand that my eyes hurt and I don't have the energy to write one!

2. In my 23 years I have lived in the north, the south and the middle of England.
That's in 9 different houses / halls, and I attended 6 different schools / colleges + nursery + university.

3. I nearly drowned when I was 12 at Bantham Beach in Devon
I went bodyboarding. I had never been a strong swimmer. It was always 'Katie, I saw you put your foot down half way, go back and do it again' in swimming at school. 
My younger cousin was a really strong swimmer, but when the current turns in Devon grown men struggle to fight it. A lifeguard came for him and told me to wait and try to get closer to the rocks. The rocks were way too far. I seemed to be waiting for hours. I was terrified and prayed really hard. Eventually I gave up, that was it, I was a goner. I just prayed that it wouldn't be too horrible and closed my eyes tight. Then I bumped into a rock which wasn't there beforehand.

4. My grandad was banned from B&Q for complaining about being overcharged. Because he said the store assistant denying the overpricing was getting his knickers in a twist. It was in the national papers. They made him out to be really miserable, so it's probably a good thing that they never went ahead with the TV documentary. 

5.When I was in Peter Pan in about 1997 despite only playing a talking star with 2 lines (one of which was shared with about 10 others) I got so into the role that I had to keep telling myself that Peter Pan wasn't real for months afterwards. (I took my acting very seriously!)

6. Possibly the best Valentine's card ever, once given to me by a young boy...
And yes, that is the original, because how could you throw away something that funny?
If your me, you pretty much don't throw away anything. That can be fact 6 1/2.

7. I once broke into a Manchester car park to get the family car which was locked inside. 
It was quite a clever guess if I do say so myself. My little brother was amazed and told me all the way home I should work for MI5.

8. Because I'm quite slim people often assume otherwise, but i have a HUGE appetite. 
I get really really full, and then half an hour later I'm hungry again.
My boyfriend says I could be on Man Vs Food (as a joke, of course).

9. I spend far too much time thinking about what I could make and bake, and hardly any time actually doing it. I need to work on that.

10. I once played Joseph in a Christmas nativity (as far as I was concerned, that was a main part up for grabs!)

And so, time to give these awards to 10 of my favourite / most inspiring bloggers....

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