Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ralph Lauren = Welcoming Autumn

First of all, sorry it's been aaaaaages since my last post, I must improve!

Early in the week when babysitting for a friend and flicking through Elle I made a note of collections, new designers and bloggers that caught my interest to look up at a later date. Yesterday was that later date, on which I was inspired by Ralph Lauren's Autumn/Winter collection. 
I do enjoy looking at a Ralph Lauren campaign shoots, I love their aesthetic season after season,
Always just looking mind.....
But being inspired! :)

What I love about the photo's I found yesterday is how soft floaty floral dresses are brought into winter. I have already been planning to wrap a chunky cable knit cardigan around one of my favourite floral dresses with dark tights and boots as the weather gets colder, ever since seeing a mannequin in a New Look window (hey, these things stick with me, what can I say?)!

Ralph Lauren has officially got me excited about autumn.
I say autumn, not winter as I know it will soon get too cold for a dress and tights.
That is why we must embrace Autumn whilst we can!
If you, like me, are to whimpy and too sensitive to the cold to wear looks like this through winter and will be sporting leggings and jeans every day when it gets to Christmas time, enjoy autumn whilst it lasts!

With Love, Katie x

Thursday, 8 September 2011


I love ELLE magazine.
It's as fashionable, glossy and artistic as Vogue but feels much more down to earth.
AND they support interns, upcoming designers and bloggers.
Flicking through the pages of ELLE is so inspiring.
I know there's a lot of adverts - but they are arty, inspiring adverts.
I have told myself that tonight I must blog, because I have neglected the blogging world somewhat since I've been looking at a computer all day every day at work which makes me not want to look at a screen all evening too.
Also, right now I feel poorly. I hope it's going to go away soon :(
So, I write this post partly, I'll admit, because it doesn't require lots of typing and linking up, but also because I have been thinking about discussing my love of ELLE with you avec pictures for some time.
So, without further ado, some recent inspiration from my good friend the lovely ELLE magazine...

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