Monday, 1 August 2011

Pretty is the Pest

On Friday evening I was on a train for little under 3 hours on my way to Liverpool to see my boyfriend.

I often make this journey. Things often get loud and/or busy at Sheffield and the train waits for a while in the station. Stockport is where I first start to feel I am really in the north of the country, Manchester inspires me, Warrington reminds me of childhood trips to the pictures, and at Liverpool South Parkway I'm excited that my boyfriend is only one stop away.

This time I noticed something new.
As a gazed out of the window I noticed vibrant purple flowers along the sides of the track and the surrounding banks. They crop up again and again.

After studying them I thought they looked a lot like nettles.
Nettles? Those things that look so unpleasant in your garden? Those things that left you crying in feilds as a child whilst your mum searched for a dockleaf? When left to thier own devices, to grow as they please along the trainlines, can they become something beautiful?

I have done a little google search and found the pictures that you see on this post (various sources), which are of Purple Loosestrife's (or Lythrum Salicaria), which look just like those roadside beauties.

And for you craft lovers, here is another lovely flower that I came across today, at Kiki Creates.

Love Katie xx


  1. Nice photos! I like the colors


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