Thursday, 7 July 2011

Handmade Headband

The 27th was my friend Nicola's birthday. I wanted to make her something special and unique. She often wears headbands at work as a smart accessory. Outside of work though, she is increasingly more interested in bright colours and funky patterns; influenced by her love of street dance and break dance. I decided to make a headband to go with her free time/dance time outfits.

First I bought some elastic and printed some shape outlines that I might use. I then went through my fabric stash and grabbed colours and patterns that matched her taste.

Then arranged a composition of fabric shapes.

I thought the black lace layered over a shiny red fabric was just right, and so stitched it in place before cutting a shape.

Stitched to a stronger fabric to secure and create a more polished look.

Cut around the edges and add the elastic to finish.

On unwrapping it, Nicola's reaction was 'Oh my God, it's amazing'..'and it says boom!'(a word she often uses). This really made me smile. I had been worried that this project wasn't going to turn out how I wanted it to but I was happy with the results. Still, there is always a danger with homemade presents that instead of seeing your homemade item as something sweet and thoughtful that is personal to them the reciver will think 'what the hell is this?'. It's always great to see something you've put the time and thought into have the desired effect. Judging by her desire to show everyone and try it on straight away, it appears this was a success. I'm very glad she likes it.

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  1. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great and beautiful,,

  2. That is so cute! What a fun funky one of a kind gift! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing @ Becoming Martha. I enjoyed going through your archive!

    Jeni @ Becoming Martha

  3. WOMAN this is perfect! Stay tuned for an ultra cool project and come see some of my modern art!

  4. yep, I'm not able to comment some of my very favourite blogs because they don't have any name/url or anonymous option :( (by the way, I must check my settings! ahah)

    I really like your headband, so cute and creative, keep sharing! ;)


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