Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blue and Tan

I think perhaps I've developed a bit of an obsession with blue and tan. Sometimes on thier own, often together. Do you ever find that when you go shopping it's always similar items that catch your eye? Do you ever find a lot of those things are just a nicer version of what you already have? Lots of clothes I love in shops, love on others and love to wear are shades of these two colours.

Also, a few items I have been wanting for a while and shopping for the perfect find are;

* A new pair of tan trousers (I have one very light pair, I want a deeper tan pair with better tailoring).
* A patent tan handbag
* A tan coloured patterned silk neckerchief

and recently I've been wanting some navy trousers too (there's a pair in Tesco I have my eye on that comes with a tan belt!)

These things I know would go well with outfits I have, but should I impose a temporary ban on blue and tan?? Here are a few examples of how I've been combining these colours in my wardrobe (seriously, there could be a lot more).


  1. I totally agree about looking for things in shops which are the same as you already have! I am very guilty of that!
    By the way, I love the outfit with the big bag and the shorts and the blazer and the blouse! Very nice indeed :D

  2. The brown leather belt looks perfect with the blue and white stripes! =)

  3. I'm partial to a wee bit of blue and tan too! <3 I love your belt especially!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Yeah, I know the feeling, I guess Blogger is experiencing some kind of bug, even on comments, I'm not able to comment on some blogs with my Google Account (like on yours, I have to use the option Name/URL).
    I can't find the buttons on some blogs too so usually I just go to my dashboard, click on 'add' and then I write the url of the blog and ta-da, you're following that person with GFC! thought I'd just share the tip ahah
    the people at Derwent were kind enough to send me some pencils and goodies from their brand, I was really pleased! it is indeed a great brand of pencils, I'm sure you're enjoying them! ;)

  5. I have so many white and blue striped shirts! and grey, I always plan on getting something different..but never do


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