Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Part 3

This post is about;
* Celebrating the blogs I like
* Letting the writers know I enjoy them
* Letting others know they exist - and they may enjoy them too.

I've picked my top 10 and I'm going through them in alphabetical order. As it's very hot weather, I'm tired, and linking takes time, I'm going to write this over 3 posts. That way it won't take you forever to read each post either, so we're all happy :)


This was one of the first blogs I got into following and was an instant favourite. Rachel is heavily into vintage clothing and her blog posts show the outfits she puts together from her vintage finds. She also buys and makes adorable clothes for her little girl Ruby. Her love of vintage doesn't stop there though, you'll find plenty of retro home decoration at Smile and Wave too. She is a friend and collegue of Elsie at A Beautiful Mess (see Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Part 1), which I found as a result of this blog. This blog moved web address and had a makeover not so long ago and despite attempting to follow I have missed out on the last month of posts. However, I have now been reunited with this blog, and I look forward to future posts.


The identity of this talented photographer is a mystery, the profile is short and I don't even know if it's a male or female. What I do know, is that he/she has a very good eye for spotting style successes. This blog captures individual style perfectly and every photo is a celebration of the wearer's creativity. I love the close up shots that pinpoint the main elements which make an outfit work. There is no style blog I enjoy better than this one.


This is Jenni. I wish I'd made more of an effort to see her regularly whilst we were both living in the same area. We only really discovered how much we had in common in the last few months of university. She introduced me to the lovely canvas I have on my bedroom wall (used to be hers), to the G&T (now often my drink of choice), and to the world of blogging. I can safely say there would be no Katie's Creative if there was no Treacle and Ink. I am gutted that Blogger won't let me comment on her posts at the moment, so you all need to go over and do it for me! Whilst you're there check out this post about the housewarming present I made for her, it still makes me smile that she blogged it :)

I hope you've enjoyed these last few posts about my favourite blogs.


  1. Oh, my, I feel so honoured that you appreciate my work to that degree. You're so kind. Many thanks!

  2. I'm loving these posts - it is so fun to see we share some favorites, as well as get to discover new lovely reads! Thanks for sharing!
    Much love,

  3. oh i wonder why it won't work!! that's so strange!

    i love that you wrote about my blog. bless you!

    (i am devouring the realm of pinterest to find the best belated birthday present to make for you... i apologise wholeheartedly that it's soooo late - i have an idea of what i want to do, and i want it to be AWESOME!)


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