Sunday, 17 July 2011

As Promised - Viewing your Blogs.

Hello wonderful followers.

A little while ago I promised that once I reached 21 followers I would look at the first post from each of your blogs and pick a favourite. Well finally I have.

It's been fun to have a look around all your blogs. When I get a new follower I usually take a look at their blog and often, as you may have found, I leave a comment too.

One of the reasons it has taken me a little while to write this is that I can't see my followers in my web browser, I have had to go on a mac for a change so that I can use Safari to view them. Blogger is being a bit strange for me lately, as I mentioned in a previous post I've been unable to post comments sometimes. Quite a few of your profiles said that you don't have a blog. Maybe you don't all have a blog, but I'm sure that there must be some of you who's blog just isn't showing up.

The blogs I read were....

Dance Little Liar - Fifteen
A Cup of Sparkle - Lemonade Summer Jewelry
Little Projects in Style - A day for lovin' and movin'
Methods of Modern Love - AdSlag: Talk Talk 2011
Rebecca.Revisited - Graduation
Craftberry Bush - DIY Mason Jar, vase or sconce, the choice is yours...
Pieced Pastimes - The true meaning of memorial day
A Pocketful of Blue - Decorating for the birds
Viva Luxury - Summer Sunsets
Diary of Mom and Son - Taking a bite out of the big apple
Of the Refrigerator Door - Growing in the Garden
Treacle and Ink - Playing Tourist

If you are a follower of Katie's Creative and you have a blog that isn't on this list, leave me a comment with a link and I will take a look and may feature it on a later post.

So, Fifteen was very sweet, I adore pink roses and all the food looks so tasty! This advert is cute and I agree with Andrew's thoughts on it. I'm loving the new blog header at Rebecca Revisited. Playing Tourist at Treacle and Ink is another reminder that I need to visit Jenni in Brighton! I enjoyed reading about Debbie's Garden at On the refrigerator door, as you may have seen I've been gardening too and I understand that excitement of getting something to eat straight out of your garden that's just right. A while ago a post of hers about her planter inspiration inspired me too and I am planning on creating some soon, watch this space!

But my favourite?

I have chosen Summer Sunsets at Viva luxury

Annabelle is beautiful and I love this sweater look. Most of all I love the selection of bracelets which are just perfect for the beach and compliment the jumper. Her surroundings are just as pretty, I'd love to be on that beach right now!


  1. I love reading your blog everyday. I follow you in my google reader - so, please come on over and check out my blog.
    Much love,


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