Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blue and Tan

I think perhaps I've developed a bit of an obsession with blue and tan. Sometimes on thier own, often together. Do you ever find that when you go shopping it's always similar items that catch your eye? Do you ever find a lot of those things are just a nicer version of what you already have? Lots of clothes I love in shops, love on others and love to wear are shades of these two colours.

Also, a few items I have been wanting for a while and shopping for the perfect find are;

* A new pair of tan trousers (I have one very light pair, I want a deeper tan pair with better tailoring).
* A patent tan handbag
* A tan coloured patterned silk neckerchief

and recently I've been wanting some navy trousers too (there's a pair in Tesco I have my eye on that comes with a tan belt!)

These things I know would go well with outfits I have, but should I impose a temporary ban on blue and tan?? Here are a few examples of how I've been combining these colours in my wardrobe (seriously, there could be a lot more).

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Fruity Yoghurt Pots

I love food.
I love nicely presented food.
I love knowing what I'm eating is really fresh because I've just picked it out of my garden and washed it.
Here is a little dessert a whipped up a few weekends ago when having a BBQ with family and friends.
Raspberries and a few blackcurrants picked from the garden and washed. Shop bought strawberries and natural yoghurt. Plus, a mint leaf in each -picked straight from the garden of course :)
Speedy. Summery. Simple.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

As Promised - Viewing your Blogs.

Hello wonderful followers.

A little while ago I promised that once I reached 21 followers I would look at the first post from each of your blogs and pick a favourite. Well finally I have.

It's been fun to have a look around all your blogs. When I get a new follower I usually take a look at their blog and often, as you may have found, I leave a comment too.

One of the reasons it has taken me a little while to write this is that I can't see my followers in my web browser, I have had to go on a mac for a change so that I can use Safari to view them. Blogger is being a bit strange for me lately, as I mentioned in a previous post I've been unable to post comments sometimes. Quite a few of your profiles said that you don't have a blog. Maybe you don't all have a blog, but I'm sure that there must be some of you who's blog just isn't showing up.

The blogs I read were....

Dance Little Liar - Fifteen
A Cup of Sparkle - Lemonade Summer Jewelry
Little Projects in Style - A day for lovin' and movin'
Methods of Modern Love - AdSlag: Talk Talk 2011
Rebecca.Revisited - Graduation
Craftberry Bush - DIY Mason Jar, vase or sconce, the choice is yours...
Pieced Pastimes - The true meaning of memorial day
A Pocketful of Blue - Decorating for the birds
Viva Luxury - Summer Sunsets
Diary of Mom and Son - Taking a bite out of the big apple
Of the Refrigerator Door - Growing in the Garden
Treacle and Ink - Playing Tourist

If you are a follower of Katie's Creative and you have a blog that isn't on this list, leave me a comment with a link and I will take a look and may feature it on a later post.

So, Fifteen was very sweet, I adore pink roses and all the food looks so tasty! This advert is cute and I agree with Andrew's thoughts on it. I'm loving the new blog header at Rebecca Revisited. Playing Tourist at Treacle and Ink is another reminder that I need to visit Jenni in Brighton! I enjoyed reading about Debbie's Garden at On the refrigerator door, as you may have seen I've been gardening too and I understand that excitement of getting something to eat straight out of your garden that's just right. A while ago a post of hers about her planter inspiration inspired me too and I am planning on creating some soon, watch this space!

But my favourite?

I have chosen Summer Sunsets at Viva luxury

Annabelle is beautiful and I love this sweater look. Most of all I love the selection of bracelets which are just perfect for the beach and compliment the jumper. Her surroundings are just as pretty, I'd love to be on that beach right now!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Isle of Wight Photos

Over the weekend I got to see my Isle of Wight photographs.
I could have asked my boyfriend to send me the digital version, but I waited so that I could open a paper sleeve to see and feel the photographs in my hands. It was nostalgic and very satisfying. Digital is easier and cheaper, but you miss out on the physical presence of photographs and the excitement of never knowing quite how they will turn out. Here's a few....

Eliza Doolittle with her band in thier super cool retro outfits.

Legendary DJ Rusty Egan

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Handmade Headband

The 27th was my friend Nicola's birthday. I wanted to make her something special and unique. She often wears headbands at work as a smart accessory. Outside of work though, she is increasingly more interested in bright colours and funky patterns; influenced by her love of street dance and break dance. I decided to make a headband to go with her free time/dance time outfits.

First I bought some elastic and printed some shape outlines that I might use. I then went through my fabric stash and grabbed colours and patterns that matched her taste.

Then arranged a composition of fabric shapes.

I thought the black lace layered over a shiny red fabric was just right, and so stitched it in place before cutting a shape.

Stitched to a stronger fabric to secure and create a more polished look.

Cut around the edges and add the elastic to finish.

On unwrapping it, Nicola's reaction was 'Oh my God, it's amazing'..'and it says boom!'(a word she often uses). This really made me smile. I had been worried that this project wasn't going to turn out how I wanted it to but I was happy with the results. Still, there is always a danger with homemade presents that instead of seeing your homemade item as something sweet and thoughtful that is personal to them the reciver will think 'what the hell is this?'. It's always great to see something you've put the time and thought into have the desired effect. Judging by her desire to show everyone and try it on straight away, it appears this was a success. I'm very glad she likes it.

Linking to....

The Shabby Nest


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Part 3

This post is about;
* Celebrating the blogs I like
* Letting the writers know I enjoy them
* Letting others know they exist - and they may enjoy them too.

I've picked my top 10 and I'm going through them in alphabetical order. As it's very hot weather, I'm tired, and linking takes time, I'm going to write this over 3 posts. That way it won't take you forever to read each post either, so we're all happy :)


This was one of the first blogs I got into following and was an instant favourite. Rachel is heavily into vintage clothing and her blog posts show the outfits she puts together from her vintage finds. She also buys and makes adorable clothes for her little girl Ruby. Her love of vintage doesn't stop there though, you'll find plenty of retro home decoration at Smile and Wave too. She is a friend and collegue of Elsie at A Beautiful Mess (see Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Part 1), which I found as a result of this blog. This blog moved web address and had a makeover not so long ago and despite attempting to follow I have missed out on the last month of posts. However, I have now been reunited with this blog, and I look forward to future posts.


The identity of this talented photographer is a mystery, the profile is short and I don't even know if it's a male or female. What I do know, is that he/she has a very good eye for spotting style successes. This blog captures individual style perfectly and every photo is a celebration of the wearer's creativity. I love the close up shots that pinpoint the main elements which make an outfit work. There is no style blog I enjoy better than this one.


This is Jenni. I wish I'd made more of an effort to see her regularly whilst we were both living in the same area. We only really discovered how much we had in common in the last few months of university. She introduced me to the lovely canvas I have on my bedroom wall (used to be hers), to the G&T (now often my drink of choice), and to the world of blogging. I can safely say there would be no Katie's Creative if there was no Treacle and Ink. I am gutted that Blogger won't let me comment on her posts at the moment, so you all need to go over and do it for me! Whilst you're there check out this post about the housewarming present I made for her, it still makes me smile that she blogged it :)

I hope you've enjoyed these last few posts about my favourite blogs.
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