Monday, 27 June 2011

10 Blogs I Enjoy Reading: Part 1

I have seen posts of this kind on other blogs. Most of the blogs on this list are ones I have come across through browsing other blogs, which is why I like posts like this.

This post is about;
* Celebrating the blogs I like
* Letting the writers know I enjoy them
* Letting others know they exist - and they may enjoy them too.

I've picked my top 10 and I'm going through them in alphabetical order. As it's very hot weather, I'm tired, and linking takes time, I'm going to write this over 3 posts. That way it won't take you forever to read each post either, so we're all happy :)

This beautiful lady is Elsie. Her blog is currently my absolute favourite. I spend hours catching up on her wonderful blog posts. Elsie wears lots of vintage clothes, bright tights and cardigans and her outfit posts inspire me. She also has fantastic hair.
The main reason you should check out A Beautiful Mess is that it's a fashion and a craft blog rolled into one with such lovely personality. Elsie has recently got married, and oh my, it looks like the most beautiful wedding ever. I can't describe it well enough, you just need to watch this.


Craftberry Bush is full of craft ideas and wonderful photos. This blog often has a calm feel to it too. Most of all, I love Lucy's cute illustrations such as this elephant.

Before I knew about Bloglovin I signed up to recieve this blog via e-mail because I just love the whole aesthetic of it's soft tones, ruffled fabric and delicate prints. If you want a fabric flower tutorial, Emily's the one to go to.


Audrey's Nursery and Painted Wallpaper (yes, painted!)

Part 2 coming soon!



  1. The cupcakes are so cute :)

  2. Oooh I hadn't heard of the Jones Design Company - how gorgeous is that? Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Thanks for sharing!Looking forward to see the rest of your list.

  4. Aww Katie ... Thank you for this ! I had seen your post and meant to send you a little thank you glad to have 'met' you! Xo

  5. thanks for sharing! :) what a cute list of blogs!!


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