Saturday, 21 May 2011

Customising: Polo Shirt Makeover + Heart Decoration

Another unwanted Oxfam item that I have customised. I started with a polo shirt that looked like this;

Not bad, but a bit too boyish and quite boring. I took off the sleeves to turn it into a tank top. This made it a more feminine shape and the length didn't seem as short.

Then made a rosette decoration out of lace....

And finished with a button, matching the grey to tie it all in.

The sleeves were then used to create a decorative heart....

The scraps were used for stuffing and it all complimented the fabric of my dress well whilst on my lap. Some dried lavender (naturally scorched in the garden by too much sun and not enough water, rather than through a patient, well-planned drying process) packaged in a bit of scrap canvas also went inside.

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  1. This is so thrifty! I used to make a lot of those thingys with lavender in them out of scraps of felt, then you can sew them together by hand with a bit of fairly fine wool.

  2. Yeah if I was buying material to make them I'd probably go for felt because it cuts easily and doesn't fray. With felt you can use pinking shears around the edges then too!

  3. You got use out of every single inch of fabric and cute stuff was made.


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