Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Customising: Dress to Top Makeover

I have recently started doing some customising of old unwanted clothes for a local Oxfam. I am pleased with this little project that I did last week and have been planning on blogging about it. So here we go....I hope you like it.

This is the dress I had to begin with. As it was my size I tried it on and the top part was a lovely fit but the bottom was loose and shapeless. It's also quite a fine fabric and felt a bit thin for a dress but fine for a long top. So the first thing I did was shorten it to make it a top.

Then for some decoration. I cut some circles out of fabric, pinched the centre, twisted and pinned into place. Then I stiched them on a machine.

I arranged them and pinned them into place, and decided to add a bit of ribbon too. The ribbon came from a wedding invite I had a while ago that I'd added to my ribbon stash. I stiched it all into place on a machine.

Now it was looking much prettier, but there was still one problem. Somebody had obviously cut out the label and cut through the fabric of the dress at the back. So to finish it off I added an extra little detail to cover this.

And there you have it. A boring dress given a second life as a pretty top. I was inspired by spring and all things girly. I think it reflects what I have enjoyed seeing on other peoples blogs too. I am always in awe of the flowerey designs at Jone Design Company,
and have also liked many items at DownEast Basics
which lots of blogs link to.

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