Sunday, 22 May 2011

Teddy Girls

Having spent a while looking at clothes online, I have come across Richard Nicoll's current Spring/Summer Collection for Fred Perry. Some of you may have already seen this, but I was so in awe I just had to share it. The collection is inspired by the Teddy Girls of the 1950's. It's got real attitude and it's everything that's good about vintage style. A beautiful colour palette and oh so chic. Perhaps a teddy's picnic would be the epitome of style this summer.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Customising: Polo Shirt Makeover + Heart Decoration

Another unwanted Oxfam item that I have customised. I started with a polo shirt that looked like this;

Not bad, but a bit too boyish and quite boring. I took off the sleeves to turn it into a tank top. This made it a more feminine shape and the length didn't seem as short.

Then made a rosette decoration out of lace....

And finished with a button, matching the grey to tie it all in.

The sleeves were then used to create a decorative heart....

The scraps were used for stuffing and it all complimented the fabric of my dress well whilst on my lap. Some dried lavender (naturally scorched in the garden by too much sun and not enough water, rather than through a patient, well-planned drying process) packaged in a bit of scrap canvas also went inside.

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The window of John Lewis in Nottingham.
The sign reads 'Summer is wearing less...choosing well'.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Christine Bleakley's Dress

A couple of days ago Christine Bleakley's dress caught my eye on Daybreak. I like the shape, the material and the colours. I love navy and tan together and I think this splash of colour really works. I haven't got caught up in this seasons bright trend, but I would totally wear this. It's youthful, yet sophisticated. It's stylish and sexy, but despite its bright green stripe it feels somehow quite understated. Does anyone know where it's from?


A few weeks ago I went to visit my auntie in her new home near Exeter. We had a day out in Exmouth. Rain when we arrived, sitting on the sea front despite the rain until it was sunny again, having a picnic, buying oversized ice creams and my brother and cousins trying to pretend they didnt let the ball go too far deliberatly so that they had an excuse to speak to girls in small shorts = a typical British seaside day out.

Check out my favourite bag!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Gardening with Dad

When I was small I used to love helping my dad with the garden.

Now, though I currently live at my parent’s house, we don't get much dad and daughter time. There wasn't a lot to suggest we do together - neither of us want to be splashing the cash. One interest that we both share is food and every now and then we make dinner as a joint effort. People have said to me 'Do you ever stop thinking about food?' and I think perhaps it's a family trait - from my dad’s side. I remember going to my Grandma's house for lovely Sunday lunches as a child. We visited my auntie just a few weeks ago and when everyone was stuffed full with BBQ food and an amazing Eton Mess she started making cakes! She and dad both share my love of cream cakes and pavalovas.
I'm not majorly keen on gardening, but I like pretty gardens. So as dad does like gardening, I suggested we work on a veg patch together. It's his gardening brain + my decorating brain. So far it’s going alright. I have a phobia of worms – go on, laugh! – I’m not sure where it came from, I’ve a sneaky suspicion it may have something to do with The Twits and Goosebumps! They are freaking me out a little, but I’m being brave!
The journey so far....

^We used to have chickens in this area, but the foxes got them. So we got rid of the hut and used the blocks that it was on to make the sides of a bed.

^Made another out of bricks we had lying around in the garden (keeping it thrifty!) and did some planting.

We're using these basic planters temporarily until I've made some pretty ones! There's more to plant, and we are going to create a nice pebbled walkway too. Keep following and look out for further veg patch posts. We are going to do some more gardening today!

Happy Saturday Everyone. x

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