Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Tokenhouse

If you liked the Spring Windows post, you should like this one. On Tuesday evening I went to an event called 'Trashion', in which there was a fashion show of work that first year fashion design students at Nottingham Trent University had up-cycled from the local Oxfam. There was some really good work and I will write a blog about it once there are some pictures I can use.
I had dinner with my best friend and went into the city with her, but she needed to be there for a dance class at 7pm and the event didn't start until 8pm. I had an hour to kill, which is difficult when all the shops are shut. Then I realised that closed shops and a quiet street meant I could take pictures without looking strange. So, I decided to share with you a place in Nottingham called 'The Tokenhouse'.

This is a shop that sells lots of lovely stationary, gift wrap, teddy bears, aprons, utensils, cushions, doormats, jewellery, bags, etc.

Their displays didn't disappoint. On the right a lovely easter display, and on the left a royal wedding themed window.

The side entrance window...

I went up close to the window to get a picture of some of the lovely things for the home inside, just for you guys.


  1. these displays are GORGEOUS! i wish i had the imagination to be able to create things like that... so pretty!

    especially the 2nd one..

    ooh, i'm going to London on Wednesday! I'll be sure to take pictures of all the Royal Wedding decorations :)

  2. Hi there Katie! This is The Tokenhouse! I have just found your blog on google search and was so touched by your comments and all the photos. We do try hard with our window displays so its lovely to hear back from people like you and it makes it all worth while. I am going to try and share this blog on The Tokenhouse's facebook page now if thats ok? Many thanks again!


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