Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter


As a Christian, I believe in the Easter Story. I believe a man was born that was the son of god, that he died on cross, and that he rose again. What’s more, I believe he did it for me, and for you. I believe he changed lives thousands of years ago and still does now.
Some people think that Christianity is about telling people that they are wrong all the time and shouting ‘repent’ at them. But it’s fundamentally all about love; yes there are rules god wants us to follow, but did you know that the most important commandment is to love?
Some people think that Christianity is just a crutch for weak people that need something to believe in. Being a Christian isn’t easy, especially in a world where so many people say they think that it’s nonsense. It’s much easier to just hold onto trying to control your own life; I still do it and many other Christians too. If people have made you feel like Christian’s just look down on you and tell you you’re not good enough – don’t let that be your definition of God. He doesn’t do that.
On this Easter Sunday God loves you, regardless of whether you believe it, and he has always felt that way about you. If you want it to be true, just ask him to show you. If you still think this is rubbish, well, at least just bear in mind what Easter is supposed to be about.
Whatever you think, I hope that you will experience happiness and peace today.

'Calvary' and 'Ressurection Morning' by artist James Martin.

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