Sunday, 10 April 2011


I bought these brogues a month or two ago. You may have seen them in the A Thank You post. They're nothing fancy, just a standard affordable high street pair, but I absolutely adore them. You see, every now and then a fashion item really gets stuck in my mind and I muse over it for a long time deciding whether to go for it. Not too long ago I felt like this about the Gilet. Mostly I think because of this outfit from the Michael Kors A/W 2010 Campaign shot by Mario Testino

I didn't buy a Gilet however, and I'm glad because I would have bought a cheap one that wouldn't last through another season and as good as it would have looked with the tan jumper I'd have to have bought with it, that would probably have been the only way I could have thought to wear it.

I did the same thing with brogues. I'd seen a pair of gorgeous mens Paul Smith light tan brogues in the right size in an Oxfam, but couldn't find it in me to part with the cash for fear I wouldn't wear them enough. Then last a/w season I saw lots of lovely images of brogues, they hit every high street store and Paul Smith did a feature about them.

Finally, I decided I had to have some. I went around all the high street shops looking at lots of brogues, lots of price tags and trying some on. I went for the pair you see above, £19.99, from Bank. I cannot express how worth it that was. Why have I never bought brogues before? They go with so many things, and more importantly with things that no other shoes will go with! Best of all, they are comfortable. My feet are hard to please, they get easily hurt by heels and hard shoes (these are the softer type that's around now). They are flat, comfortable, and make so many more outfits possible. Plus, brogues are timeless. When they get ruined, I'm buying another pair of brogues right away.

If you don't have a pair, you need one. If you've been thinking about it, go for it.

I would love to know your thoughts, send a link to a picture of your favorite brogues perhaps (I'd appreciate you linking back here too). Before I go, when looking for that Michael Kors picture, I saw another lovely pic from the same campaign....

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