Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Potting my Pins

Here is a little idea I'd like to share with you.
I had a little tub of dressing pins, just the container that they came in - I love pretty little containers but I am also sensible with my money (probably because I've never really had a lot of it) and so if it did the job there was no need for a fancier alternative.

In "The Crafty Minx" book, a present from my friend Jenni, there are pictures of reels of thread in old jam jars which look lovely - this may have inspired my thinking. The "It'll do" pin box actually got quite frustrating because the lid kept coming off and pins were going everywhere (never a good thing). I needed something with a more secure lid and was considering adapting an old pill box I'd bought ages ago in a charity shop because i thought it was cute. Then I had breakfast with my boyfriend in a lovely little cafe in his village. We went for proper english breakfast items (I love the scrambled egg and bacon bagel they do) but they were all out on this occasion and so we had croissants with cups of tea instead. Every cloud....and in this case the silver lining was a delightful little Jam pot. Now I don't know why it is, but something pretty often seems to be even more exciting in miniature form. I loved the idea of giving a tiny jam pot instead of a plastic tub and thought it would be a shame for something with such potential to be thrown away - and so I took the pot home and washed it out. My pins moved home, and now not only do they look prettier, with a tightly screwed lid I can even carry them around in my bag. Better still, it cost me nothing.


  1. So cute!! I have the regular size Bonne Maman jam jars! I always keep them when I'm finished,they come in so handy and look great with anything stored inside.Most recently I've been using them for peanuts! :) love your blog!

  2. I love the big Bonne Maman jars too - I think they'd look nice with cotton reels or buttons in. I think they'd look beautiful as a novel way to serve Eton mess or trifles too. x


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