Thursday, 3 March 2011

Could D&G be winning me over?

I am a sucker for fashion photography. Beautiful pictures catch my eye and draw me in. You often hear designers talk about the character they aim to create in thier designs, 'the chloe girl is...', 'the burberry girl is...' etc. The fashion ads capture this. I flick through magazines and some ads I think are garish or odd and others truly beautiful, and yes....if I would love to be living in that picture I am more inclined to check out the brand and become a fan of it works. Most will never lead to a purchase as they are usually well above my budget, but it inspires the outfits I put together and the cheaper things that I do buy.

Dolce & Gabbana has in recent times been one of those brands whose ads make me cringe. Ads blaring out piled on metallics and tiger prints that are reminisant of market stall fakes which will look even more garish on people who aren't models. My all time worst, was this one......

Disgusting, isn't it?

But last week I purchased a pair of D&G jeans. Not at a D&G price of course; I found them in an Oxfam. But I have been looking for a new pair of jeans with a straight leg cut and these were just the ticket.

So I forgave them for the sickness they erupted in me on seeing the above ad. When I next flicked through a magazine, the D&G ad was a totally different story. A picture of spring sunshine and smiles.

The Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign is just so...well happy.
And it reminds me of my current most-loved ad campaign; Martin Morrell's shoot for Miss Dior Cherie.
Heres my favourite.....

Truly Beautiful.


  1. Yayyy im glad G&D are winning you over! I really love your blog - your post ideas are fab! .. and you have a great writing style!... im following you now btw! :) xx

  2. I know - isn't this just a great campaign! So whimsical and beautiful the way they have played with color and lighting to add a soft texture. J'adore!
    Much love,


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